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How to Predict Turnaround Victories in Sports Betting


The sporting world is filled with exceptional comeback victories. You might have heard of the greatest comebacks in NFL history or Novak Djokovic’s legendary turnaround in US Open against Roger Federer in 2022. We also have recent examples of Real Madrid’s recent comeback in the Champions League quarter-final against Chelsea FC.

Sports lovers and sports bettors can’t get enough of such comebacks. While they might be able to predict such turnaround victories, finding betting odds is hard. There are no such bets in sports betting that you can wager for predicting a turnaround or a “comeback”.

Football Comebacks

It’s hard to predict comebacks in football. Usually, a comeback is expected during a final or knock-out stage game. Football comebacks occur when an otherwise dominant team is losing a match to the underdog, and the coach has to turn around the game before the 90 minutes are over.

Odds featured on betting sites for football like William Hill and Bet365 usually have odds for the dominant team winning or drawing at the end of the 90 minutes. However, not all teams will have these odds. If the teams lose to their own goal, they might become more hungry for goals.

How to Predict Comebacks in Football

Bettors usually bet on the team to score first. This gives the underdogs higher odds. One way to predict a comeback in football is to research the teams, the league, and how losing the match would affect the team.

You also factor in each player’s experience and how many games they’ve won under the current coach. Coaches are also a huge part of comebacks, especially in Premier League and UEFA Champions League. You can bet on Premier League using odds for Premier League.

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Tennis Turnarounds

Inexperienced players usually spend the first set working hard and then start to decline because of the fatigue.

This gives the dominating players a chance to crush the other player in the later sets. This strategy also depends on the pitch as well as physical conditions. Tennis turnarounds aren’t the easiest to predict.

How to Predict Turnaround in Tennis

You can predict a turnaround in tennis by considering the player and their past performances. If they are likely to win big, especially during prestigious events, they might win a losing match as it will affect their records and demoralize them.

BetUS and PariMatch are great betting sites for tennis.

Basketball Turnarounds

Basketball turnarounds are difficult to predict as well because the scoreboard is ever-changing. However, you can predict the comebacks according to the percentages. Underdogs are less likely to win a match if the favorite team has a four-point lead.

A team who’s winning during the halftime in a match is most likely to win the match. Visiting teams who have a lead of more than 5 points by the end of halftime have a good chance of winning. Similarly, if the favorite team is behind with only 3 points, their chances to win can increase as they might go for a comeback.

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