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How to Play Blackjack on an Online Casino Website


BBC reports that online searches for online casinos and live gambling sites soared dramatically in 2020 and 2021. The pandemic and lockdowns were the main factors behind this burgeoning online gambling popularity, but the trend has continued to grow ever since.

Online casinos are here to stay even in and beyond the post-pandemic era. Casino games like slots, cards, and poker are now more popular online than in brick-and-mortar casino settings. There’s one more game that has surpassed all else in terms of popularity and online cash rewards. Yes, we’re talking about blackjack. Created by the French in the 1700s, blackjack is a casino banking game. It was initially known as Vingt-un or Vingt-et-un translating to 21 in French.

With time, vingt-un swept across the west and soon reached Europe, where it was renamed blackjack. This casino game isn’t difficult and doesn’t have a complicated set of rules. But you must have a clear-cut strategy to win blackjack with significant margins.

Today, in this blog, we’ve discussed the tips to help you master the art of playing blackjack online. It may feel a bit different from on-site blackjack tables, but it is definitely rewarding and worth your money.

So are you ready to become an online blackjack pro? Let’s get started!

Evolution of the Blackjack Casino Game

Blackjack has evolved over the last few years and has taken many forms.

The Americans and Europeans have altered the casino game according to their liking, and their versions dominate the casino gambling industry. The key difference between the two blackjack variants is the number of cards used by the players. The variants also differ in terms of prizes, strategy, betting limits, and game limitations.

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And that’s what we’re here for:

1. Learn About Blackjack Game Rules

Blackjack is a fast-paced game. It has unique rules and high cash rewards. The cards deck used in blackjack has tens, jack, king, and queen. Players aim to deal their cards in a way that beats the dealer and squares them off by reaching 21 points or as close as possible. The score in blackjack is calculated by adding the values of all cards dealt per game.

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Here’s how to play blackjack online:

  • Start by choosing an online casino site that offers blackjack games of your expertise
  • Make a bet ranging from $1 to all-in. We recommend newbies make smaller, multiple bets to prevent losing all their money in one go
  • The bot or other player will give you 2 cards and show one of their cards
  • You have the liberty to split or stand before making your next move
  • Choosing hit means that you’re adding more cards to your deck
  • You lose automatically if you draw 21 or more cards without reaching the winning score
  • Choosing stand means that you’re reading to make a move
  • The turns go back and forth, and the players who reach 21 total points win

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2. Follow a Simple Step-by-Step Blackjack Guide for Beginners

To make this guide as easy as ABC, we have discussed all the steps to playing your first blackjack game online. Follow this section to make your journey a breeze. And don’t forget to keep this guide handy for quick refreshers!

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Step 1: Join a Blackjack Table

The first step is to sign up on an online casino website and join a blackjack table.

Step 2: Hit or Stand

Once your dealer has shown a face-up and a face-down card, it’s time for you to decide between hitting and standing. Work out your cards to hit a value as close to 21 as possible.

Hitting means you’re asking the dealer for another card. Before you select hit, ensure that the next card won’t cause a bust, meaning it will not exceed 21 on your total card value.

Or you can choose to stand, meaning that you don’t need any more cards at the moment because your existing cards already have a high value, for example, 17 or 18.

Step 3: Calculate Hand Value

After your first move, the value of your cards will either have increased or stayed the same. You must be close to, but not exceeding 21, to make the next move.

Step 4: Cards are Revealed

After all the blackjack-table players have made their moves, your dealer will reveal the face-down card. At this point, the players with a score closest to 21 will win the game. If you’re that lucky player, your dealer will issue your prize according to your initial bet.

3. Know the Blackjack Table Wins and Their Probabilities

Probability plays a significant role in determining a blackjack player’s winning prize. According to common online gambling trends, regular blackjack wins pay 1:1. If your cards sum up to an exact value of 21, you will be paid 3:2. Players win a comparatively bigger prize if the dealer has a value equal to or less than 16.

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4. Follow All the Rules to Maximize Your Chances of Winning

Online casino gamblers often ignore the importance of following blackjack rules and lose much of their bet money.

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Here are some must-follow rules you must remember when playing blackjack online:

  • Always aim to score 21 points to beat the bookmaker
  • A score of more than 21 is called a bust
  • A tied bet in blackjack is called a push and players get a refund in case it happens
  • Always make sure that the dealer deals two face-up cards for you at the start of the game
  • Your bot or dealer must start with one face-up and one face-down card
  • Tens, Jack, King, and Queen cards are valued at 10 in blackjack casino games

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5. Craft Unique Blackjack Hand-Strategies to Increase Your Chances of Defeating Online Dealers

Understanding the rules, anatomy, and probability in blackjack can help you increase your edge against online gambling dealers.Blackjack is a card-based online casino game. Here’s the card value breakdown for blackjack players:

  • The Ace is valued at 1 or 11
  • King, Queen, and Jack are all valued at 10
  • The cards from 2 to 10 have values of 2 to 10

Blackjack players can either draw a soft or a hard hand when making a move. Hard hand refers to a move that includes two cards without an Ace. Hard hand eliminates busting risk as it doesn’t affect a player’s next move and is valued by the total points on two drawn cards.

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On the contrary, a soft hand includes an Ace. It doesn’t risk busting as well because the highest value drawn via a soft hand will not exceed a score of 20 (11+9).

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6. Choose Between Classic and VIP Blackjack

Here’s a brief overview of the different types of blackjack games available online:

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VIP or High Protocol Blackjack

The VIP blackjack game is perfect for advanced casino gamblers who want to take their online betting career one step ahead of others. This blackjack variant involves six 52-carddecks and has only three open player spots.

VIP blackjack is sometimes also referred to as speed blackjack as it reaches the endpoint quicker than other game forms do.

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Classic Blackjack

Are you new to blackjack and online casino gambling? Classic blackjack is your answer. Played with eight 52-card decks, classic blackjack is easier, less competitive, but equally exciting. In classic blackjack, however, players don’t receive empty hole cards and are required to hit a seventeen with an ace.

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7. Avoid Common Blackjack Mistakes

Blackjack players tend to make some easily avoidable mistakes that affect their overall game outcome and winning probability. Here’s what you should avoid doing during your next blackjack game for guaranteed success:

Don’t Split Face-Up Cards

Splitting cards will double my profits—a common thought that passes through every blackjack player’s mind at least once during a game. Statistically, splitting two face-up cards doesn’t have any positive impact on your game profits. It can actually be a wrong move that can lead to a bust or push. Splitting face-up cards may seem like a daring move, but it can actually increase your chances of losing the game by exceeding 21 points.

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Split Your Aces and 8s in blackjack

Now, this is a split that blackjack experts totally recommend.

A pair of 8s sums up to 16, which is quite a dreaded number for blackjack players. That’s why it’s always a wise choice to split your aces and 8s because when combined, they can sweep your game off the table in just one move!

1,2, and 3s are good when combined with an 8, but an Ace can lead to a score of 21 or above. Similarly, you should split two Aces as it either combines 1 or 11.

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Don’t Bet All of Your Money or a Sum that You Cannot Afford

This is something we repeat in almost all of our sports betting and online casino gambling guides. Punting should always be a fun sport. You shouldn’t use it as a source of gambling huge sums of money. Always set a budget before stepping into the world of online punting.

Make smaller bets to reduce your risk of losing money, and make sure to pick a reliable online betting website that offers safe and smooth withdrawal options. Online punters should memorize basic rules and game strategies when playing a casino game such as blackjack. It helps in making quick moves without any slip-ups. Our experienced bettors regularly share gambling tips and tricks to help gamblers make the most of their online betting journey.

Never put more than half of your money on one bet or move. Blackjack and other online casino games always have a 50/50 chance for you. So you must always bet responsibly and hold your emotions in place to prevent losing the pots due to anger or over-excitement.

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Online poker game

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8. Pick the Right Casino Gambling Site Online

Learning how to play an online casino game is one thing, but picking the safest live casino is more important. Thousands of online casino websites are available to date, but not all of them are worth your time, money, and effort. Check for the following things when choosing an online casino:

  • Online reputation and ranking
  • License and registration to ensure that your country allows access to the website
  • Banking options
  • Gifts, bonuses, and sign-up cash prizes for new punters
  • Variety of casino games and their prize monies
  • Affordability and minimum bet requirements
  • Live chat support option for easy and quick customer service
  • Website usability and design
  • Mobile-friendliness

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Choosing a reliable live casino is the key to winning striking cash prizes, learning the latest gambling strategies, and playing fun-filled casino games. You must thoroughly assess a casino website and learn about its license, accepted currency, deposit and withdrawal terms, and sign-up bonuses. Always choose an online casino that ticks mark all of the said factors and has earned a positive reputation online.

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