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How To Pick Betting Lines To Win More Money On Online Sports Betting


Even though online sports betting is pretty straightforward, it can get a bit tricky if you’re not aware of how betting lines work. Online betting isn’t as simple as picking a team, placing a bet, and waiting to see if you’ve won. You need to learn betting strategies, watch sporting events, and determine which team or player to wager on. The online bookmaker you pick is also important.

Even after all that, there’s no guarantee you’ll win the bet. However, if you know how betting lines work, you can use them to your advantage and increase your chances of making winning bets. With different sporting events, some betting lines are easier to win. Although the tougher betting lines offer more money, there’s no point in risking it if you can win easily.

Choosing the easier betting lines not only increases your chances of winning but also helps you improve your online gambling skills. This way, you won’t have to analyze the matches to predict the winner, and you can broaden your online sports betting scope by betting on sports you don’t normally watch.

Before all that, you need to understand what betting lines are and how you should pick them to win more money on online betting sites. Here’s our detailed guide to help you gain some more insight.

What Are The Steps To Making A Bet On Online Gambling Sites?

Pick A Betting Site

The first thing you need to do is find a betting site. This may seem easy, but it isn’t. Besides geographic factors, you’ll also need to ensure you’re not getting scammed. The key is finding an authentic betting site available in your region that offers your desired banking options.

The easiest way to do this is by looking up local gambling sites in your region and picking the one that best fits your needs. Betting Sites Ranking has a search option that lets you find local gambling sites.

Batsman hitting the ballCheck The Banking Options

Once you’ve found a few options, you’ll need to look at their banking options to ensure they match the ones you’re looking for. For example, if you want to bet using e-wallets, your chosen website should accept them. On the other hand, if you’re betting using crypto, you’ll need to find crypto betting sites.  You’ll also need to ensure that the site accepts payments from your region.

Create An Account

Once you’ve determined which sites offer the banking options you want and shortlisted a site (or two), it’s time to create an account. This process varies for different sites. Some ask for minimal information, while others ask for identification. If you’re uncomfortable sharing personal information online, you can opt for no-verification betting sites that let you bet without identification.

However, these sites might not offer a wide range of betting options. This is why regular betting sites are generally better.

Deposit Money

After creating an account, you’ll have to deposit money to start betting. The betting site will offer several banking options  and you can pick any of them. Just make sure that the option you pick is available in the country. If not, you’ll have to go for the next best option.

In some cases, the betting site only offers wire transfers, so check all these options before creating an account. Additionally, there’s a minimum deposit requirement for each online sportsbook, and if you deposit less than that, you won’t be able to make bets.

Select A Sport

Once you’re done depositing the money, you can move on to picking the sports you want to bet on. Normally sports betting sites have a huge list of sporting events you can bet on, so you’ll need to browse through them to find the sports you want to bet on.

On the other hand, if you don’t have a specific sport in mind, you can look up the matches in the upcoming days and bet on them. Make sure you pick a sport you know about if you want to increase your chances of winning bets.

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Select A Bet

With each sporting event, you can pick from several betting lines. Even within the betting lines, you get many betting options for each player or team. You need to decide which ones you’re going to pick. If you’re a newbie, sticking to team-specific bets is a safer option because player-specific bets are harder. A team can still pull through with team-specific bets even if a player isn’t performing well.

Make A Wager

Once you’ve picked the bet, it’s time to make the wager. You’ll get the option to bet on either of the teams, and you’ll only win the wager if your chosen team wins, so be careful when picking teams. A lot of times, punters pick teams based on emotions. This might help you win a bet if the team is performing well, but if it isn’t, you’ll lose money. Use your head and check the odds and predictions before picking a side to bet on.

Check The Results

You get the option to wager easily once the odds are available. However, the results are only available after the game has finished. You can still determine whether you won or lost the wager based on the match, but the amount of money you’ll get will be determined at the end. So make sure check your results once the match has ended.

Don’t Forget The Bonuses

This isn’t an actual part of making a bet, but bonuses are a great way to save money while still winning bets. You’ll get a signup bonus when you make an account with an online bookmaker. This bonus can be used to make bets. Moreover, each sporting event comes with promotions and bonuses, so make sure you make the most of these to save money. Many punters don’t use them because they think these are just gimmicks, but even then you’ll still get to save some money, so it’s worth it.

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Understanding Online Sports Betting Lines

What Are Betting Lines and How Do They Work?

A betting line is the part of an online bet that differentiates the odds between a favorite and the underdog. Favorites are the teams and players with better winning odds, and the underdogs have lower winning chances. Each bet includes a favorite and an underdog.

Betting on favorites gives you a higher chance of winning the bet, but the payout might not be too high. On the other hand, wagering on the underdogs has lower winning chances, but the payout is higher.

Favorite or the underdog: which one to pick?

Generally, if you’re just starting, picking favorites is the right way to pick your sports betting odds because you’ll have higher chances of winning. You’ll also learn how to determine which team or player has better winning chances.

Once you’ve gained some experience, you can start wagering on underdogs to increase your winnings and make risky bets.

Types Of Betting Lines To Pick From

Moneyline Bets

Moneyline bets are the simplest form of sport betting lines. All you have to do is choose the team or player you’ll think has the potential to win and bet on them. If you’re right, you’ll win the bet. If not, you’ll lose. It’s that simple. The bet has two elements, the favorites, and the underdogs, with favorites having higher odds. Moneyline is also one of the most popular odds, so you’ll be able to find it on almost all of the sportsbooks you pick.

Strategies For Moneyline Bets

Moneyline bets are simple, so you have to determine which team will have higher winning chances. You can look at the betting odds, or if you’re interested in the game, you can follow the team’s performance. The key is to look for bets with bigger odds because the bigger the odds, the higher the payouts. But keep in mind that odds are determined well in advance. So if a team has higher odds but isn’t performing well, it’s not a good option to bet on them.

Points Spread Bets

The second most popular type of bet is point spread bets. These bets depend on the team’s victory margin instead of their final results. The odds are denoted by a plus (+) and a minus (-) sign. For example, if the odds are +7.5, the team must win outright or lose the game by points lower than 7.5. the opposite is true for -7.5.

Strategies For Points Spread Bets

The bet depends mostly on the team’s performance rather than the winners. So if you think a team is playing well, you might have a shot at winning the point spread bets. For novice bettors, it’s better to stick to the favorites. Additionally, you can look for teams that have outperformed their prediction.

This means that the team is in form and can handle tough competition. But with the points spread, you can bet on underdogs if you think the favorite team will lose. This is possible if a player has injuries or some lineup changes.

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Over/Under Bets

Over/under or total bets are similar to point spread bets. You’re essentially betting on the flow of the game instead of the results. Totals bets depend on the total number of points in an event within a match, whether runs, goals, or any other type of score. You’ll have to either bet a number over the totals or a number under the totals, and if the teams score the same number, then you’ll win the bet. This is a more advanced bet, so it’s more suited for experienced punters.

Strategies For Over/Under Bets

The best part of betting on totals is that you can win regardless of the outcome if you pick the right score. For example, if the total is at 40 and you bet over, it doesn’t matter which team wins as long as the score is over 40. the same goes for under. If the score is exactly 40, the bet is tied, and you’ll get your money back. This is why most total bets have half-point scores like 40.5 instead of 40. If you can accurately predict the score of the winning them, then you can easily win totals.

Parlay Bets

A parlay bet is a combination of bets, and the punter needs to win all the bets to win the parlay bet. The bets can be premade, or you can create them as well. Seasoned bettors prefer parlay odds, and novice punters should generally stay away from parlays because it can decrease their chances of making winning bets and translate to more losses.

Strategies For Parlay Bets

Parlays can be beneficial if you win the bet, but you’ll need to win all the accumulators to do this. The best strategy to win parlay bets is to use your betting bonuses. That way, you won’t sustain losses; you’ll make more money if you win. Another thing is to pick parlay bets with lower combinations so you’ll have a lower number of bets to win.

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Teaser Bets

Just like parlay bets, teaser bets are also connected to multiple bets. However, unlike parlay, you won’t get a higher payout because the point spread is balanced to resemble a single bet. Teaser bets behave like point spread bets, i.e., you’ll win if the team wins outright or loses by a certain number of points. But the catch is that you’ll have to bet on multiple teams in different games simultaneously to win the bet.

Strategies For Teaser Bets

There’s a lot of math involved when determining the winning probability in teaser bets which is why it’s preferred by seasoned punters. The key is to find out how much weightage each part of the bet carries on the overall bet, so you’ll know how much money to wager on each bet.

For example, if one leg of the bet requires $100 to win $200, you shouldn’t bet on it outright before checking the other legs. It might be possible that the other legs might carry a higher winning percentage, and if the team loses, you’ll end up losing more money.

Prop Bets

If you want to have some fun while wagers or looking for a change from the usual bets, prop bets are good options. These bets are easy, fun, and good for beginners. The bet isn’t directly tied to the final score of the game. Instead, it depends on how certain events play out in a game.

For example, how many goals will one individual player score in a match, or how many runs can a batsman score in a match? You’ll have to guess the correct number to win the bet.

Strategies For Prop Bets

Since these bets are easy, they don’t require a detailed strategy. You must pick a player, monitor their performance throughout the series, and determine how much they’ll score in a match. If you stick to football matches in prop bets, you’ll have higher winning chances.

That’s because football matches are timed and have a limited number of scores. So depending on the form of the player, the opposing team, and the scoring rate, you can pretty easily predict the odds for prob bets and make winning bets.

Two ice hockey players

Middle Bets

A middle bet isn’t a bet in itself. Instead, it’s a point spread bet where you can bet on both sides of the wager. You can bet on the underdogs and the favorites, and whichever side wins the bet, you’ll also win. Additionally, you might get lucky and win both bets. You can win both bets if the online bookmaker has moved the line after the bet was created.

Strategies For Middle Bets

These bets are safe if you don’t want to lose your money. But in some cases, both sides can lose, so you’ll have to keep that in mind. The odds are straightforward. You’ll get two sides, and teams on either side have to either win the bets outright or lose by certain points for you to win the bet.

This bet is easy but requires a bit of betting experience, so they’re not ideal for newbies. But for seasoned online gamblers, these bets are a great way to capitalize on a match and increase the winnings.

Live Betting

Live or in-play bets aren’t placed before the match. Instead, they’re available during the match. What makes this betting line so fun is that the odds are constantly changing in a live match. So even if you make calculated moves, the outcome can change at any moment.

These bets aren’t for beginners but offer higher payouts because of the changing odds. Normally, online sportsbooks will have a live stream of the match connected to the live betting option on the site. You can make bets as the game progresses.

Strategies For Live Betting

Live betting is so popular because this in-game betting has lower accuracy. Online bookmakers don’t have the time to set odds and check their accuracy, so when the live betting odds pop up, they might not be so accurate.

On top of that, they can change during the match too. So the best strategy for winning these bets is to learn about the game and the teams playing. Avoid live betting if you’re unaware of the team and player stats. This is the betting line where your knowledge of your favorite team comes into play. Use it to determine how the game will turn out, and you can easily win big.

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How To Pick The Best Betting Line?

Your betting lines depend heavily on your experience level and budget. If you’re on a tight budget, you won’t be able to make parlay or middle bets. Similarly, it’ll be difficult to nail the point spread or totals bet if you’re a newbie.

So before you place a wager, check the amount you need to wager and the difficulty of the bet. Novice sports bettors should stick to moneyline, props, or over/under bets to increase their winning chances.

On the other hand, live betting, teaser bets, and other bets are more suitable for experienced punters. But don’t worry; even with simple bets like moneyline bets, you’ll get plenty of learning opportunities to improve your betting and eventually move to tougher bets.

What Is Betting Line Movement?

Line movement is common with online gambling sites. It refers to the changes in the odds, or the point spreads in a bet before the start of the game. If you’re the person who places the bets at the last moment, then line movements are important in determining where you should wager.

For example, if you’re planning on wagering for the over bets, line changes might reduce your chances and favor the under bet. Online sportsbooks commonly do betting line changes to make the wagers as even as possible on both sides. This way, the bets get more interesting, and the sportsbooks can generate a profit.

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