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How To Pick A Winner When Betting On MMA


The world of MMA has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry, with millions tuning in to athletes fighting it out in the octagon. With a new UFC event held every couple of months, and other smaller organizations popping up, the industry is only expected to increase in popularity.

MMA Betting is also wildly popular among fans, with many boasting huge returns on smart bets. If you’re looking to bet on the UFC, here are some things to keep in mind when trying to pick a winner.

Go With the Chalk

While it may not be as fun to bet on the favorite as on an underdog, going with the chalk is a safer strategy with a success ratio of 67%. About a third of all UFC fights will have an underdog win. It’s all about doing your research and picking one you think has the potential to win. Knowing who these fighters are will help you score well.

Bet on the Superior Striker

The superior strikers are more likely to win than the other fighters on paper. However, their percentage has dropped significantly over the past year. The best way to determine if the superior striker will win is to do prior research and check out the fight statistics.

An MMA Fighter

Avoid Late Replacement Fighters

Almost every fight card in the UFC has a fighter stepping into a short-notice fight. Since 2020, only 39% of fights have been won by fighters who have less than a month of preparation.

Fade Fighters Who Miss Weight

The concept of cutting weight is to make the fighters look bigger on fight night, but everyone cuts weight the same. Because of this, while it may seem logical to bet on someone bigger and stronger, it doesn’t matter if the fighter is heavier than their opponent.

Go With Youth

It’s no secret that mixed martial arts is a game of youth, and as fighters get older, the heavy workload and injuries from fights take a toll on their performance. This makes betting on the younger fighter a safer bet more often than not. Stats back this notion, with almost 60% of all UFC fights being won by the younger fighter.

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While strategies can be greatly useful in helping determine the right bet, many bettors don’t understand the benefits of choosing the right site to wager on. There’s no point in doing your research and carefully betting on the players most likely to win if you’re betting site of choice takes ages to withdraw your winnings. Similarly, a site with a lack of diverse betting markets will also hinder your chances of winning.

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