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How to Legally Bet on Tennis Games Online


Tennis ranks among the most popular sports in the world, being one of the most accessible games that celebrate excellence as well as diversity. Despite some of the pressure from the ATP, the betting industry has found a great affinity for the sport. Taking a look at it from abetting perspective, the game has a lot to offer considering so many markets, exclusive options, and the exciting gameplay that pushes people to bet on these games. Factoring in the huge market, you’ve got all the reasons why people would love tennis betting and find it lucrative, making the most of the best sports gambling sites.

As a sports bettor, your goal is to find legal sports betting sites so that you don’t lose your money or have any unneeded run-ins with the law. Due to how many scammers exist online, you must do your research and find a reliable online betting site. Whether you’re looking to get into betting sportsor want a reputable platform to bet on tennis, here’s all you need to know:

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Starting with Online Betting Sites

To bet on sports online, you’ll need an account on a sportsbook site. In the same way, if you create an account on any other website, you’ll have to use the signup option on the homepage and provide the necessary details. This information will be used to identify you.

Apart from some personal information, they’ll require your bank account information so that you can wire money into your account. You’ll use this cash to bet on games. Generally, the signup process won’t take too long but some websites have a detailed verification system that takes 24 hours for confirmation.

Considering you’re putting your hard-earned money on the platform, these sites have the necessary measures to ensure the right person is using the platform for withdrawals and transactions.

Using a Local Tennis Betting Site

Experts recommend that you opt for a local betting site when you’re gambling online. A betting site needs to register with the local gambling authorities and acquire the necessary licenses to legally operate within a region. A majority of countries have their own bodies for licensing and regulation, and you should opt for those platforms that are licensed and regulated within your region.

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These are generally the safest optionsas they produce a money trail that your government can hold the betting platform accountable for in case of any issues. A great advantage of this is that you don’t have to pay any additional transaction costs during transfers and withdrawals. Some countries don’t have any betting regulations, so betting platforms will be operating in a gray area. Here, you should opt for the platforms with the best reviews.

Offshore Betting Sites

Offshore betting sites are popular among users that don’t have local betting sites, lack a legal regulation system in their country or have betting restrictions in their country. In such cases, they have to use offshore sites operating in other countries. It’s recommended that you find a betting site that has excellent reviews, is regulated in more than one locationand covers most of the sports that you’re interested in as you might not have ample options to choose from.

Many people from countries with legal sports betting also use them sometimes because of certain aspects other platforms have that their local options might not offer.

Transferring Money

If you’re using a reliable online betting site, you won’t have to worry about transferring money into your betting account. The top betting sites use high-end security, encryption, and other security measures to ensure that your money is safe. Similarly, many of the payment methods and platforms that they use are renowned, likely ones that you already use and trust.

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This way, you can deposit and withdraw money from your betting account without any worries. In many cases, you have instantaneous transfer and little to no transfer fees involved. These do come with transaction limits, which can vary depending on what action you’re taking, the service provider, the method, and the sportsbook itself. Many betting sites have a dedicated verification system during withdrawals to ensure that the right person is cashing out the amount.

Finding Tennis Games Online To Bet On

In the sports section of the betting site, look for the tennis section. You will find fixtures from the latest ongoing tennis events across the globe. Here, you can pick one match and find a variety of markets to bet on in each game. You have to set your wager amount and click on the bet icon or button. Simple, isn’t it?

Many bettors will feel that it’s similar to how they would bet in real life, but without any of the commotion and worrying about physical cash.

Mobile Betting

It’s recommended that you use the desktop app for betting sites when you’re signing up, as the process is much more convenient on a larger screen. However, many betting platforms have focused heavily on their mobile options as well, ensuring that the mobile betting experience is good enough for usage. You can do a majority of the tasks on your phone using the betting app.

It’s important to look into the legality of mobile betting in your region, as some countries prohibit mobile betting. Similarly, there are state-wise regulations in the US regarding mobile betting that you’d want to be aware of. But mobile betting allows you to stay in the loop regarding your favorite games and make good money.

Betting Platforms To Use


One of the leading platforms on the digital betting landscape, 1xbet is available in most parts of the world. It provides betting options for a wide variety of sports and within each sports category, there’s ample coverage of fixtures. The site focuses heavily on tennis, allowing you to bet on all noteworthy events regarding the sport taking place across the globe.

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Novice bettors can take advantage of the 1xbet sign-up bonus, allowing them to earn a bit extra on their wagers. For mobile users, the 1xbet application provides you an opportunity to take advantage of betting while you’re on the go.


BetUS is the go-to option among many US bettors. The platform has a long-standing reputation as being a reliable betting platform. One of the most popular sports on the platform is tennis. If a major tennis event is taking place somewhere, you can expect BetUS to provide you with fixtures to bet on.

BetUS allows you access to numerous markets, and there’s no shortage of options here. BetUS sports betting is recommended as it provides you with some of the best bonuses and seasonal promotions that are worth taking advantage of.

William Hill

In many parts of the world, including the UK, William Hill is the go-to betting site for people. It’s one of the oldest betting platforms in the world, and the brand has increased its coverage to more countries now. It covers a huge roster of sports, and tennis gets a lot of attention here. There’s no shortage of fixtures for the sport on William Hill.

You’ll find numerous promotions when major events take place, giving you ample incentive to check it out for yourself.

Tennis Tournaments To Focus On

Major Tennis Tournaments

  • ATP Finals
  • Australian Open
  • BNP Paribas Open
  • French Open
  • Laver Cup
  • Summer Games Tennis Tournament
  • US Open
  • Wimbledon
  • WTP Finals

Grand Slam Tennis Tournaments

  • Australian Open
  • French Open
  • US Open
  • Wimbledon

Professional Tennis Tournaments

  • ATP Finals
  • BNP Paribas Open
  • Laver Cup
  • The Summer Games
  • WTA Finals

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Tennis Markets To Bet On Online On


The top option for betting in tennis markets is Moneyline. Tennis games don’t end up in ties, which makes this market a bit more easier to figure out. Moneyline wagersin tennisask you to determine who you think will win the fixture. Simply bet on the player or team if you’re betting on doubles that you think will be successful in the fixture. Similar to how it works in other sports, the Moneyline system uses a negative (-) sign for the odds of the favorites/player or team most likely to win.

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On the contrary, you’ll see a plus (+) sign next to the odds of the team likely to lose or the underdog in the fixture. The more likely one is to win the game, the less profitable it is to bet on them.

Game Spread

For a game spread bet, the player that you wager on has to cover their spread throughout the match with the number of games they win. For example,Federer (+4.5) is playing against Murray. In this scenario, ifFederer doesn’t lose more than 4 games throughout the entire match, betting on him means you will win the wager. Even if he loses the game by straight sets, it’ll be a successful wager for you.

Set Spread

Beginners prefer set spreads as they’re simpler than game spreads, but if you understand one, the other will come naturally. Betting online, you’ll see set spreads ranging from 1.5 to 2.5. Suppose Swiatek playing against Williams was listed at (-1.5), Swiatekneeds to win the game in four total sets or less if you want your wager to be a successful one.

Over/under (total games)

Unlike other sports, betting over/under in tennisfocuses on the length of the game rather than the number of points scored throughout the fixture.In simpler words, it focuses on the number of matches played in the game.

A tennis match is played as either a best-of-three or best-of-five set. The over/under line is different for games where the players are closely ranked, implying that it’ll be a close contest that will be drawn out.

Props Betting

Prop betting has gotten more popular in recent years, especially with the rise of online betting options. Experienced bettors that have worked in other markets will be aware of these. You’ll find numerous specific events that may or may not even take place throughout the tournament.

For example, it could be a wager on Djokovic in particular scoring X number of aces or 10 double faults taking place in a tournament or not.

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Many bettors don’t consider these as serious betting odds because there’s a looming chance that these don’t take place. But they’re an additional option to take advantage of that you can make money out of.

Live Betting

Live betting has exploded in popularity across a variety of sports, and tennis is no exception. Also known as in-play betting, it enables you to wager on gamesand events on games that are underway.

Unlike other betting markets that might be closed at a certain point, in-play or live bettinggoes on until the event in question takes place.

As the game takes place, the odds, markets, and other aspects are updated regularly during the game. Many bettors prefer this style as it keeps things interesting in otherwise slow games. More experienced bettors or ardent fans of the game engage in this form of betting as things can rapidly change over time.

Generally, you’ll find live betting options only on the top betting platforms as the system requires a responsive network infrastructure, which is available on only the best betting sites.

Futures Betting

Futures betting is a great option for people who don’t want to bet on every single option. It works the same way as outright winner odds but is limited to tournament winners rather than individual games.

Futures betting is done well before the tournament begins, so you need to make your wager before the deadline is over. Futures betting is common among major tournaments, especially those where particular players may have bigger advantages than others.

As noted in Moneyline betting, futures betting has the best odds for the top-ranking players or those more likely to win a tournament, but they’re generally least profitable in comparison.


Accumulators work in tennis as well. Instead of making one bet, you make several independent wagers to combine into one single bet. The condition is that each of them has to be a successful wager for it to be a win. If even a single wager fails to work out, the entire accumulator is lost. It’s incredibly risky, but most sharks make big money using it.

Match bets are a common consideration for accumulators, but you can opt for any kind of market if you have the right information.

You get the payout for the accumulator once all the games and events you’ve bet on are finished. Accumulator terms and conditions vary between platforms, so it’s recommended that you do your research about how the platform you’re opting for work on it. Many platforms are providing some cashback offers as well to make these more appealing and reduce some of your losses.

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Tennis Betting Tips

Do Your Research

As with every other sport, things aren’t as easy as they seem. While things like rankings will give you a great idea about how a game or a tournament will play out, a lot can change in various situations. For example, some players are just too dominant in certain events because of the kind of court that they’re playing on because their play style works perfectly on it.

Nadal on clay has been famous for dominance, regardless of how he’s played across other tournaments. This isn’t setinstone but it does make a big difference.

Staying Attentive

The most ardent sports bettors stay updated on all the happening events across the industry. For tennis events, you’d want to focus on the various players and their news. Many aspects like personal problems, fitness and more can have a huge impact on their game.

For example, a lot of odds changed when Djokovic had to pull out of the Australian Open, which changed the dynamic of the tournament. It’s hard predicting such circumstances but they’re never out of the ordinary. Experts recommend following some noteworthy sports platforms. Many betting sites also publish relevant sports news that you can use for your betting needs.

Use Betting Tips

Similar to betting news, many betting sites also publish dedicated sections for betting tips catering to bettors of all skill levels. Their goal is to educate people, enable them to learn about the betting industry, and get the most advantage out of their wagers. Many of these are entirely dedicated to tennis and specific tennis events too. Make sure that you go through them to stay updated on the latest and greatest.

Some betting sites also publish their prediction and tips, which are great for getting an idea about public opinion. Some users use them to fade the public and take advantage.

Use Different Bookmakers

There are numerous reasons why you want to use more than one betting platform. Firstly, you don’t rely on one single platform. If the odds listed on your primary platform aren’t good enough, you can use another site. You can also compare lines and odds among different sites to get a good analysis of public opinion.

In case one website isn’t working, you can use another option. Don’t end up missing out on a major tournament because your betting platform has crashed.

If you’re serious about betting, it’s recommended you sign up for 2 to 3 betting sites so that you don’t have to hastily sign up in an emergency.

The Bottom Line

Online tennis betting is extremely convenient and the signup process is as easy as signing up for any social media platform. As long as you meet the conditions and have a valid method for wiring cash into your account, you can get started and find numerous fixtures on the top betting platforms. As a bettor, you need to be smart about your decisions, do your research, and continue learning about how the system works to make the most of it.

With the 2023 season, you have ample time for bettors to get accustomed to the system and try some demo betting options. You can try your luck at some of the top events and allow yourself the opportunity to win big. All you have to do is find the world’s top betting sites online with the help of Betting Sites Ranking for your online betting games.

Get Started In Legal Tennis Betting With Betting Sites Ranking

Betting Sites Ranking has ranked the top 10 betting sites in the world, providing options for people from across the globe. You can find recommendations for around 105 countries, allowing everyone options for online betting games, and more on regulated and licensed platforms. If you want to bet on sports onlineor try some of the latest trends like esports betting, you have access to it all with Betting Sites Ranking for sports betting legal countries.

Apart from tennis, the platform enables you to find betting guides for various sports to try your luck at them. They also publish additional content for you to stay updated on all things Tennis.

With Betting Sites Ranking, you don’t have to do too much research looking for a betting site online for legal sports betting, taking advantage of the best bets today.

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