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How To Bet On The Cheltenham Horse Racing Festival


The Cheltenham is probably the oldest and most favorite sporting event of sports bettors. The festival is set to begin on 15th March and will showcase some of the finest bred horses. This year’s festival will be split into two courses with days one and two being on the old course and the remaining ones on the new course. The old course is more focused on short races that showcase speed, while the new course focuses more on the stamina of the competing horses. Here’s all you need to know to start betting on this festival.

How To Pick A Horse

Generally, the betting process for beginners is quite easy. You’ll need to pick a race to bet on, check the odds for that race, and pick the horse with the best odds. This method is simple and easy, but it may not be effective beyond a couple of races. If you want to make a good winning streak, you’ll need to pay more attention to the horses rather than the races.

Take a look at the form so f the horse, how well it has performed in the past and how old it is. You can even wait until the first few races are over to figure out which horse takes your fancy. Older horses generally can’t maintain their stamina and are only good for short races where the measuring factor is speed.

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How To Read The Race Cards

In any horse race, the race card is your best friend. You’ll find all the information on the races, the courses, the participants, and the forms of the horse in it. Reading the race card, however, is a tricky task. You’ll need to be aware of some special horse racing ‘lingo’ if you want to correctly interpret the cards. Generally, the odds for the participants are listed on the right side. On the left hand, you’ll see a series of numbers that indicate the position of the horses in the previous races.

If the horse doesn’t finish in the top 9 it doesn’t get a rank. Instead, it’s denoted by a ‘0’. Sometimes these forms can be misleading because they don’t offer the full rundown of the previous races. This is why it’s better to observe the performance of the horses yourself.

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