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How to Beat Sports Bookmakers with Advanced Betting Strategies


The online sports betting industry isn’t new, but the pandemic and lockdowns caused a massive boom in online sports betting’s global popularity. Statistics show that UK and USA have the highest number of online bettors, followed by India. Bloomberg has also revealed that many punting and sports betting lovers have completely forgotten brick-and-mortar betting clubs and casinos since the advent of online betting. And the industry’s rapid growth is expected to reach a CAGR of 10.23% during 2020 and 2027.

But no matter how popular and exciting, online betting has unique challenges. Live casino and online sports betting bookmakers are working extremely hard to create safe betting places for online gamblers. But they are also focused on devising newer, smarter profit-maximizing tactics in favor of their bankrolls. That’s why as an online sports bettor, you must brush up your knowledge about online betting strategies to beat nifty bookmakers.

Online sports betting can be a tough maze to navigate for beginners. At first, you’d probably struggle to find your way to big wins and cash prizes. Computer bots and players are very smart at defeating newbies and ensuring low payouts. You don’t just have to choose the safest online sports betting, and gambling site to prevent online scams and glitches but also keep up with advanced betting strategies to win big.

That’s where we come in. Betting Sites Ranking is a holistic, far-reaching online sports betting platform for new and advanced online bettors. Our betting resources are one-of-a-kind and designed to equip you with the best betting strategies. So let’s dig deeper and learn how online sports bettors can defeat bookmakers and their notorious, profit-maximizing tactics!

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1. Pick a Website with Highest Payouts and Welcome Bonuses

This tactic may seem quite basic but trust us when we say that it has helped online sports bettors bag huge sums! Choosing the right online sports betting site is the first step toward your online betting success. It’s also one of the lengthiest processes that unprofessional and inexperienced bettors tend to ignore.

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You must conduct proper research before kick-starting your online sports betting experience. Betting Sites Ranking is your ultimate guide to finding the safest, most lucrative, and licensed sports betting sites worldwide. Our website is replete with up-to-date sports betting sites reviews. We rank sports betting websites and live casinos in terms of their payouts, signup bonuses, and cash prizes. You should pick a website that welcomes new bettors with unique and lucrative bonuses to help them make initial bets without depositing any money.

So it’s a no-brainer that a handsome signup bonus can lead to doubles or even tripled winning prizes if you manage to win a bet!

In addition to welcome bonuses, you must also look for betting on sports gambling sites that offer free bets, risk-free bets, and no-deposit signups. Check out our favorite sports betting websites now.

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2. Pay Attention to the Odds

Odds are your weapon against bookmakers. They give sports bettors the strength and edge to read between a bookmaker’s line of strategies and make smart moves. You won’t always like your bookmaker’s odds when betting on a sports match, player, or team online.

That’s why you should research the online market for more accurate and relevant odds to maximize your chances of winning. Start by looking at different bookies offering betting pools for sports you’re betting on. Check their odd listings for particular events and compare them with your bookmaker’s odds. We recommend you collect odds from the safest and most popular sports betting sites like Bet365, BetUS, and Betway to save time and hassle.

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You can check out these websites through Betting Sites Ranking, where our team has also published detailed sports betting reviews and guides to help you! Whether you’re in China, Japan, Africa, Canada, the USA, the UK, or any other part of the world, we can assist you in finding the best online casino and sports betting websites. If you’re looking for a reliable online betting website with a wide range of live betting pools, we are here to help.

Betting Sites Ranking has a team of experienced live gamblers and sports punters sharing countless guides and how-to blogs via the blog section. You can learn all about how to play slots online, how to bet to win real money, how to choose the safest sports betting app, and more.

3. Learn About the Sports You Want to Bet On

Many online sports punters lose their bets and money due to their poor know-how about the sport they’re betting on. Sometimes your bookmaker won’t apply any shrewd technique to bag your prize. They’ll just use their advanced sports knowledge to make a move that you didn’t even know you could make.

They say knowledge is power—and it’s absolutely true when it comes to betting on sports via betting websites, betting apps, and online casino sites. You should learn all you can about the sport you’re betting on. It’s your strongest weapon against computerized betting signals. Knowing your sport, teams, players, and their past performance can help you gauge their performance and make relevant bets instead of relying on blind luck.

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We allow our online betting lovers to learn about casino and sports gambling sports betting and use VBet, BetUS, Betway, and Bet365, for guaranteed wins. Our accurate sports betting odds, casino gambling probability cheat sheets, and safest betting sites reviews are your ultimate source for making rewarding live bets.

4. Diversify Your Online Sports Bets

As an online sports bettor, you have a chance to maximize your profits using multiple betting types and strategies simultaneously. This is where the idiom, don’t put all your eggs in one basket, fits perfectly!

When betting online, we recommend online punters try different betting forms like Moneyline, prop, and match betting. In addition, you can leverage diverse betting options like live betting, bet building, live stream betting, and cash-out betting to limit your losses and boost winning sums.

From Bet365, BETUS, and Betway to Intertops, Bet2u, and V-Bet, you can learn about many online betting websites on our platform. We regularly post new blogs and online casino gambling guides to help punters make the most of their online betting matches.

You can rely on Betting Sites Ranking for the best online sports betting site reviews. Our experienced team of online bettors works day in and day out to bring you the most credible online sports and casino gambling resources.

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5. Focus on Consistent Wins Instead of Big Wins

Winning a thousand dollars at once in an online betting pool might be your biggest dream, but we advise against making it your only dream. The online sports betting industry is full of surprises and rewards for bettors who’re consistent and intelligent. Instead of focusing on big wins, you must learn how to win smaller bets with a consistent betting strategy.

Your bookmaker is likely to bag the deposits if you don’t make wise choices. Your online betting moves should always be well-thought and timed. You should never just trust your instincts when betting online. Your guts should be your last decision-making resort. Always make well-informed moves after learning about sports betting odds, betting tips, and the latest best practices.

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Betting Sites Ranking is your go-to stop to find the best betting sites, online casinos, crypto betting sites, and betting apps in the world. You can access tennis betting apps and websites in India, China, Ghana, Africa, Dubai, Malaysia, Canada, or any other country. You can also rely on us to find top betting and live gambling websites and apps such as Sportsbet, BetUS, and Stake.

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6. Don’t Follow a Cookie-Cutter Formula

Sure, your last betting tactic played well in your favor and made you win, but it doesn’t mean you should implement it in all your upcoming bets. Always tailor your betting approach according to the match, sports event, team, or player you’re planning to bet on. Each game is different and has its unique set of rules and formats.

Track the latest fixtures, assess their betting worth, learn about the safest betting sites that are offering rewarding betting pools, and study sports betting odds. After doing all of this homework, we say that you’re equipped enough to make a sound betting decision.

Learn all about online casinos and sports betting at Betting Sites Ranking. Our platform offers you access to the most amazing sports betting sites, the safest blackjack sites, and betting apps worldwide. Whether you’re in America, UAE, or Europe, start betting today!

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7. Don’t Let Your Emotions Get You

Online sports betting is exciting and can also be nerve-wracking. This causes many online sports bettors to succumb to their emotions and lose major bets. Online bookmakers aren’t driven by emotions at all. They follow a strategic suite of betting tactics that can get the best of you if you’re not playing intelligently.

Emotions are an online sports bettor’s biggest opponent. Whether you’re a die-hard fan of the sport you’re betting on or not, we recommend you make bets using the best betting strategies. Online sports punters have managed to discover different betting strategies for maximizing their profits. Some of the most popular ones you can try are four-fold bets, own and prop bets, round robins, and lay bets.

Betting Sites Ranking advises online sports bettors and casino gamblers to invest time in finding the most reliable online sports betting site. Using a non-certified, unlicensed, and unsafe online casino site can endanger your money and online profile. You must check Betting Sites Ranking to find the safest and top-ranking betting sites to minimize online scam and privacy breach risks.

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8. Create Your Personalized Betting Systems

A random betting strategy means that you’re flying like a blind bird. You have a higher chance of landing in a pit than scoring a safe spot. The online betting market is now full of advanced and experienced online bettors and online bookmakers have also gained more edge over the players.

That’s why you must create and test a unique betting system that sets you apart from bookmakers and competing punters.

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Betting Sites Ranking is here to help you test some creative and result-driven tricks for maximizing sports betting wins:

  • Start by picking your favorite betting strategies according to your experience level and betting know-how. We recommend beginners opt for over/under, half-time, low winning, early/late goal, handicap, and prop bets. These are fairly easier to implement and track when you’re not experienced enough.

Learn about variance and value in online sports betting. Follow this simple variance and value model to make safe online sports bets:

Enter 1% stake per 100 bets with the odds of 2.00 and a yield of -4%. This rule will run profitably as long as you’re not reaching the -4% yield. Crossing this limit can make you bankrupt. However, online sports bettors shouldn’t run one betting system for a very long period. It’s always a good idea to mix and match different betting techniques to stay profitable.

  • Choose a smaller, low-value bankroll when testing a new betting system. We certainly don’t mean that you must aim to win 20 consecutive bets to ensure your system’s viability. But putting in a small bankroll is a safer, more pragmatic move to prevent huge losses.
  • Remember that testing and trialing your betting systems will take time and you shouldn’t rush it. Some punters spend months perfecting their betting strategies but once they do, they become invincible!
  • Betting volume is the key to mastering the art of beating your online sports bookmaker. Backtest small bets if you’re a frequent online bettor. It gives you ample time to test and maximize your betting system’s efficacy without waiting for a real sports event to happen. Backtesting can or cannot be done in real-time depending on how complex and time-consuming your system is.

Betting Sites Ranking is your ultimate mentor when it comes down to choosing the safest online casinos and sports betting websites. You can either start playing right away at 1xBet, 22Bet, WilliamHill, Stake, and 1xbit or check our local betting sites page to read the latest casino reviews and rankings.

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Our website also has a separate review and ranking section for crypto betting sites. So if you want to spend cryptocurrency on your upcoming online bets, you know where to go!

9. Record Odds Like a Pro

After you’ve placed a bet online, start recording the odds following the game. Pay attention to close line odds and calculate your bookmaker’s margin in real time. This trick always helps online sports gamblers analyze their yield and make successive bets according to their bankroll balance. Here are some mathematical factors that every online sports bettor must learn to beat their bookies with a handsome margin:

  • Calculate your time-to-yield ratioto find out the $$$ earned per minute.
  • Break down your bets according to your bookmaker’s availability. Don’t trust a banned or recently penalized bookmaker as their slipup can get you banned from betting online
  • Test your bets against closing odd lines.
  • See if your bookie’s bots are human-like. Calculate the time they take to make a move, and assess if their moves are driven by an emotional factor.
  • Always choose a bookmaker with high betting volume.

At Betting Sites Ranking, we’re all about improving your online gambling and sports betting experience. Our platform was created to help online punters win big and that’s exactly what we’ve been doing for so many years. Our expertise has allowed us to assist new and advanced online sports bettors and punters bet via the safest sports betting websites and live casinos. Our website also has a dedicated blog section that offers free online gambling resources, how-to guides, and betting strategies to help you bag handsome cash prizes.

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10. Exciting Tips to Win All of Your Sports Bets

Online betting guides and resources mostly scare off online sports bettors. You’re lucky because we’re here to help. Here are some more cutting-edge tips for your online sports betting success:

  • Maximize value by trusting a reliable online betting tipster
  • Read online sports betting site reviews to learn about its features, user-friendliness, and payment terms
  • Rely on online sports betting websites like Bet365, Skybet, Unibet, and Betfair for accurate odds tracking
  • Find valuable promotions that offer guaranteed wins on an upfront basis
  • Don’t trust every ad claiming free bets on free signups. Always visit the bookmaker’s platform and check their ranking at Betting Sites Ranking to cross-check the claims’ truthfulness
  • Determine your betting habits and avoid unhealthy practices like betting without a plan, taking shortcuts to win bets, blaming competitors and bookmakers, and failing to read the odds.
  • Don’t always bet on your favorite team or player because chances are that most bettors will be betting on the same. Instead of following the crowd, think out of the box.
  • Don’t make multiple bets in one go. You can place three to four bets during a single game but exceeding this number and depositing money on several websites can cause a one-time huge betting loss.
  • Don’t bet on the same team or player repeatedly. The media doesn’t always focus on other high-performing teams and leagues. Leverage online sports websites and betting pools to innovate counterproductive betting practices

Learn Amazing and the Latest Online Betting Tips & Tricks and Strategies at Betting Sites Ranking

Betting Sites Ranking has a team of experienced live sports punters and casino lovers and innumerable guides and blogs for aspiring online sports bettors. You can learn all about how to play casino games online, how to bet to win real cash, how to choose the right casino gambling and sports betting app, and more!

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Betting lovers must explore our informative blog section to find the most amazing casino gambling and sports betting strategy guides. Beating online sports bettors and casino players can be tough, especially if you decide to go against the bots. They’re coded to maximize the house edge and can be quite unpredictable.

This is when we can help you learn all about reading odds, maximizing payout ratios, beating the house edge, and other live betting techniques. You can also access the best betting sites that require no verification through our platform. Our website has guides to mastering UEFA bets, NFL bets, NBA bets, premier league betting, UFC bets, and MMA bets.

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And that’s not all. You can trust us for bringing you the safest and most trusted online gambling websites and live casino reviews. Our team thoroughly vets and assesses every betting website before crafting a review. You can also check out our top ten betting website list.

In short, Betting Sites Ranking will never let you down by preparing you for guaranteed live betting and casino gambling success.

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