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How Implied Odds May Help You Make Better Wagers


Implied odds are used in poker and are a subset of pot odds. Whereas in pot odds, bettors only consider the sum available in the pot, implied odds estimate how much a punter is likely to win if they hit one out.

Implied odds is an intimidating poker concept that even professional bettors sometimes misapply. However, it’s also essential for a bettor to improve their strategies and win big.

Let’s take a closer look at implied odds, how it works and how it can help punters make better and educated bets on online betting sites.

Implied Odds

To put it simply, implied odds help punters to assess the drawing hand by calculating the betting size, i.e., the money you require to call a bet and the size of the pot, i.e., the total collectible prize.

Implied odds also require punters to keep an eye on the predictions of the future, i.e., considering how much money they can win on average. Miscalculated or misused implied odds can result in a tremendous loss if the punters have called too many bets, increasing the preflop.

That being said, due to the guesswork and the nature of the implied odd’s concept, it’s almost impossible to get to the right answer.

Calculating Implied Odds

If done right, online bettors can assess how much they require to win to make profitable bets through implied odds.

The calculation is simple; you have to subtract the odds of hitting your draw from pot odds. The ratio given as the result of this calculation should then be compared to the amount of money you need to win from the opponent to make a profit (or, in most cases, a breakeven).

Impact of Implied Odds

Implied odds have an indirect effect on pot odds. If a punter anticipates a big win against their opponent on later rounds of wagering, implied odds allow them to make calls even when the opponent isn’t giving you the pot odds to hit your draw.

For example, if your opponent in the game bets over $20, it makes the pot worth $80. Your odds of winning in this scenario would be 3 to 1. If you base your decision only on pot odds, then you shouldn’t be betting at all. However, implied odds justify the call, making you more money than if you had folded.

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