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How Can I Win Big Money By Betting On UFC 273?


UFC 273 is an upcoming event produced by the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). The match is a mixed martial arts fight and will take place on April 9, 2022, at the VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, Florida. This UFC 273 match will be between Alexander Volkanovski vs. ‘The Korean Zombie’ for the UFC featherweight title, while Aljmain Sterling will go against Petr Yan for the Undisputed Bantamweight title.

Historically, fighting matches have been a mecca for enthusiastic bettors, and the UFC is no different. For special events such as the 273, online gambling sites release special promos to boost the hype around the event and rope in more punters. But if you play your cards right, you can end up winning big.

Pay Attention To The Odds

For the UFC 273 Volkanovski vs. ‘The Korean Zombie,’ Volkanovski is the favorite with 490 odds while ‘The Korean Zombie’ is the underdog with odds of 380. This means that for a wager of $490 on Volkanovski, the profits will be $100, while the profits for the underdog for a wager of $100 will be $380.

Pick Easy Betting Lines

Besides the common betting lines like moneyline and totals, UFC has other, much easier betting lines that can help you win big. Some of these betting lines are To-Win fights in which you have to guess the outright winner of the match and bet on them. The second type of bet is Fight Outcome bets, in which you need to bet on how the match will be won rather than who will win it. Finally, you can make Round bets, in which you have to guess the number of rounds it will take for the fight to end.

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Choose The Right Betting Sites

When it comes to UFC, you need to choose the right betting sites that have an established section for UFC. Many websites offer UFC betting, but they don’t have enough options. Not to mention these sites don’t have dedicated bonuses and free bets that can help you rake up your winnings. That’s why sites like My Bookie, BetOnline, and Bovada are good options. Because not only will you get a lot of options, but you’ll win bonuses as well.

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