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Here Is What You Need To Know Before Betting On The NBA


The NBA is known for its fast-paced gameplay and intense rivalries. With so many games to choose from and teams comprising of world-class athletes, it’s no wonder that gamblers love to bet on their favorites.

Before you start betting on NBA games, though, it’s important to know all of the ins and outs of the sport. Here are a few every bettor should know.

NBA Betting Lines Explained

There are various ways to bet on NBA games. Some of the most popular forms of betting are the Over/Under totals, the Moneyline, and the NBA point spread.

NBA Point Spread

The point spread is a type of betting that levels out the difference between the skill levels of two teams. It takes into account various factors, such as the current team form and venue.

Negative values indicate that the favorite team is expected to win the game by a larger margin than the spread, whereas an underdog team is expected to win by a smaller margin.

For instance, if the Los Angeles Lakers are a -2.5 favorite over the Toronto Raptors, the Lakers must win by at least three points to cover this spread.

NBA Moneyline Bets

One of the most common forms of betting on NBA games is the Moneyline. This type of bet uses the odds generated by sportsbooks to predict which team will win. Since starting lineups can vary, Moneyline odds are adjusted accordingly.

Moneyline odds displayed at most sportsbooks are based on teams’ past performances, in-form players, and the venue. The team with the negative odds is the favorite, while the one with the positive odds is the underdog.

Over/Under Totals

The exact number of points each team will score during a game is set by the oddsmakers. After analyzing the matchup, gamblers can then bet on whether a particular team will score more or fewer points than the total set by a gambling site.

Prop Bets

Due to the popularity of NBA games, prop bets have gained increasing popularity in the NBA. These types of bets allow gamblers to bet on various aspects of the game, such as the first team to score 20 points, the number of three-pointers made by each team, and the number of rebounds by each player.

NBA Betting Tips and Strategies

An NBA game

Don’t Ignore Derivatives

Chop the odds into half and quarter-sized pieces to set the totals and sides of the game. The derivative odds are beneficial because they show trends usually unnoticed by the oddsmakers. For instance, if a team is considered a slow starter, it’s better to bet on its performance in the second half.

Check the Team’s Current Form

Getting caught up in the standings can affect your chances of winning. Instead, focus on the team’s performance over at least the past three games.

Keep an Eye Out for Injuries

Before placing a bet, check the NBA’s injury reports to see which players are out due to illness or injury. Big-name players can have a huge impact on the NBA odds, but lesser-known players can also affect a team’s performance.

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