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Have You Bet on the German Masters Yet? Here’s Why You Should!


The German Masters is a snooker tournament that takes place every year. Like other highly anticipated games, this one also attracts online bettors and gamblers.

In the year 2022, the German Masters Snooker will take place by the end of January. The dates announced for this year’s snooker games are 26th to 30th January 2022. This one will be the 17th edition of the German Masters, which was launched as 1995 German Open, 27 years ago.

The 2022 German Masters will take place at the Tempodrom in Berlin, Germany.

Catching Up on Last Year’s German Masters Results

In 2021, Judd Trump was the finalist and the winner of the 2021 BetVictor German Masters. He succeeded with a smashing 9-2, beating Jack Lisowski. Judd Trump was named the only player to win consecutive German Masters tournaments as he played against Neil Robertson in 2020 and thrashed a 9-6 in the finale.

So, all in all, we can see that there are some absolute favorites for online bettors to bet on. At Betting Sites Ranking, we experienced a high influx of people wanting to bet on the German Masters in the last few years. And this year, you may also be one of them. But why should you put your money on this exotic and niche German snooker tournament?

Let us tell you!

1. Good Money

Online sports betting on anticipated and hyped sports games, teams, and players in tournaments like FIFA, ICC World Cup, and UEFA is surely rewarding. But, as online gambling continues to thrive and grow in the world, we’re seeing a rapid increase in niche sports betting.

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And therefore, the number of bettors, the bet volume, and the online open polls are increasing by the day. This is a direct implication of our conclusion that betting on niche sports such as the German Masters Snooker tournament can help you win quite big!

While the chances of winning money in online betting are similar to winning money in any other type of betting activity, you can stay assured that this sport will reward you.

2. The Popularity of Snooker in Germany

Snooker is a deeply cherished and loved sport in Germany. Its popularity has been growing for many decades now.

We can safely say that as much as the British love betting on horse races and polo, Germans are all in for snooker tournament betting. In Germany, the first-ever televised snooker game was known as the EuroSport. This was the pioneering moment when online bettors from across the globe started drawing in. With this popularity in the region, snooker cannot be missed when it comes to online betting.

So how about you access free betting tips and tricks and head over to the best online betting sites to try your luck by betting on German Masters?

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