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Golf PGA Tour 2022: The Top Betting Sites And Odds


The 2022 Golf PGA tour is just about to begin. It is one of the most popular professional golf tours in the US and includes a number of top golf events, including The President’s Cup, The Players Championship, and The Tour Championship. Top golf players are set to make their return to try their luck once again.

This golf tour is also a popular event among bettors, and each year, a huge number of punters wager on the tournaments to get a chance to win big. Like always, this year, enthusiastic punters will flock to gambling sites to try their hand at sports betting, and if you’re one of them, here are some betting sites you can visit.

What Are The Top Betting Sites?

Bet Online

Bet online is probably one of the most popular betting sites for golf. The website has a dedicated section that allows punters to bet on different golf events, and it also has a variety of golf-specific betting lines. Moreover, the website has a generous welcome bonus for new bettors along with a few free bets. Their user interface is good, and players can even place wagers using their app.

My Bookie

My Bookie is another popular site for the fans of the PGA golf tour. The website offers a 100% deposit match for new players along with several promotional offers during betting. Not only that, but players get many banking options, including crypto. Aside from that, the website is known for quick payouts and good customer service. The only downside is their confusing interface, but betting will be a breeze once you get past that.

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Sports Betting

The last one on our list is Sports Betting. This website is known for its live betting options and accepts deposits from different sources, including crypto. The website has a dedicated section for golf odds. Apart from that, the website offers a 50% bonus match and low wagers that only cost $1. The website also has a mobile app with an interactive user interface to make bets on the go.

What Are The Odds?

Currently, Jon Rahm and Rory McIlory are the players with the highest odds to win the Masters championship. They’re both listed with +800 and +1000 odds, respectively. Moreover, Tiger Woods’ ranking has fallen, and he’s currently at +6000 odds. It is unclear whether he will take part in the tour or not.

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