Sports betting online via an application

Everything You Need To Know About Spread Betting


The sports betting market has been heavily influenced by its financial counterparts from the beginning. From slang phrases to different betting terminologies, quite a lot is derived directly from stockbrokers. The basic algorithm philosophy used by bookmakers to adjust the odds also stems from the long-term research of the stock market shares.

Sports betting online via an application

What is Spread Betting?

Spread betting is a very different category of wagering compared to other betting odds or Asian handicaps. However, it still does bear a high resemblance to other various financial markets.

Spread betting requires bettors to think and act like they’re in a stock exchange. Their daily routine consisting of cards, trading goals, and corner kicks are considered shares, whereas the foreign currency takes the place of any good with ups and downs in pricing.

How Is Spread Betting Different From Asian Handicaps & Fixed Odds

When I say stock exchange, the mental image of a hustling-bustling stock market, where it’s all about buying and selling with huge sums of money at stake, is probably what’ll come to your mind. This is also the case with sports spread betting.

When a bettor places a spread bet, they gain profits but not in the classic win or lose manner. There are many additional complications involved in the process.  The profit you’re expected to make is highly influenced by the initial spread line and the match’s final score. The bigger the winning difference, the more money you’re expected to make. Conversely, the higher the losing difference, the more money you’re expected to lose.

How Does Spread Betting Work?

When compared to the bargaining of shares, oil prices, or currencies in the financial market, sports betting is all about dealing with the various outcomes of a sporting event, from corner kicks to goals and yellow cards in football to the rebounds and points in basketball.

Spread betting is gaining more and more attention amongst advanced-level bettors and is also being offered on different sports events by many online bookmakers. Bookies always offer two lines when it comes to spread betting. For example, for the exact number of goals in a classic football match, the lines are usually 2,5 (sell price) and 2,7 (buy line).

As a bettor, the main decision you must make is whether you want to bet on the selling price or the buying price.

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Who Offers The Best Spread Betting Opportunities?

Based on the level of sporting events, online sportsbooks offer spread betting opportunities. But the key here is to find a reliable sportsbook with quick payout options while providing the maximum return for your money.

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