Players playing football during sunset

Do You Need To Know About Player Efficiency Rating (PER) For Betting?


Do you know what the PER is? If not, you need to know the most vital step for advanced NBA bettors.

Players playing football during sunset

If you’ve watched a handicapped basketball game or any NBA game, then you must have come across the PER reference many times. While you might not know what it generally is, there’s a lot more you need to know about it.

What is PER?

The PER (Player Efficiency Rating) was created by John Hollinger, an ESPN basketball columnist. John was a little ahead of his time and generated this advanced stat for the NBA games that helped him earn a job for the Memphis Grizzlies front office.

The main idea is to put an all-encompassing value on a player’s production. Even though many might think it’s redundant, but it’s essential two-fold. Another big deal about the PER is that sometimes the player score can be misleading since they could be leading with 30 points but could be a massive liability on the team. The PER helps summarize each player’s negative and positive attributes to help make a cohesive decision.

How is PER Calculated?

The formula for PER considers 12 different stats available for a specific player. Those stats are then weighed individually, and each player’s value is plugged in for every category to run the overall calculations.

This calculation formula usually includes the field goals made, three points made, and steels with the negative things being subtracted, such as the throws missed, fouls, and turnovers.

However, the good news is that you don’t need to understand anything in detail since websites now offer a digital formula for this; you just need to add each player’s name to find out.

PER: The Flaws

  1. The PER metric is just like other mathematical models that use numbers using a formula to determine the end value. However, that value can help quantify performance, but it doesn’t consider other important intangible aspects, such as leadership.
  2. Since there are two types of points, assisted vs. unassisted, PER fails to consider them, making the rating a little ineffective.
  3. We all understand that not every player is good at everything. While one is great at breaking down, slashing, and driving, one might not be good at catching and shooting. PER fails to distinguish between the two types too.

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