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Davis Cup: How to Bet on the Davis Cup and Other Tennis Events


Every tennis tournament is an opportunity for sports bettors and tennis fans to place bets that can earn them huge amounts of money. The betting opportunities are endless, from betting on who would win an individual match to who would win the overall tournament. Those who are aware of how betting works can make some good money through betting on Tennis.

The Davis Cup is the main tennis event that takes place annually. It’s the premier event held in men’s tennis, and players represent the country they belong to. The tournament follows a knockout format. It’s also referred to as the World Cup of Tennis.

An Introduction to the Davis Cup

This year Davis Cup 2021 was held, and it was won by the Russian Tennis Federation team. They beat Croatia in the final held in Madrid. This was Russia’s first Davis Cup title in 15 years. The Davis Cup was founded in 1900 by an American tennis player Dwight F. Davis. He was also a politician. In 1973, Davis Cup started to allow professional players to participate in the tournament. Before that, professional tennis players weren’t allowed to be a part of the Davis Cup

This tournament is held by the ITF (International Tennis Federation). Different nations participate in the tournament, and they are placed into qualifying groups depending on their geographic region.

You might’ve heard of tennis tournaments like the US Open, French Open, or Wimbledon. These are the common tournaments where a lot of punters find betting opportunities. However, Davis Cup is not an event to miss out on as there are some great betting options in Davis Cup. All the teams participating in the tournament have top talent and quality players from their respective countries. Not only can you bet on these players but also on the outcome of the matches.

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The first match in the Davis Cup tournament took place in 1900. Only male players participate in the Davis Cup. Women’s equivalent of the Davis is called the Fed Cup. Four to five players are picked to represent a country’s team in singles and doubles contests. Qualifying rounds and playoffs take place, which are based on the teams’ geographic regions.

Davis Cup Moneyline Betting

In all Davis Cup tournaments, there are groups of three, and they compete during the first four days. The best of three formats is used to hold a contest between two singles and one-doubles. Then the tournament progresses to the quarterfinals. A lot of betting opportunities during these matches.

The Davis Cup games have moneyline odds. These are the easiest bets to understand and also most practical. Moneyline bet is pretty simple. All you have to do is predict which team or player you think would win the match and place your bet.

For example: If in a Davis Cup final you have Canada vs. Russia, and Russia is the favorite (spoiler alert: they won the final!), the odds for this match would look like this:

Russia -110

Canada +160

Since Russia is the favorite for this match, the negative number presents the amount you would have to bet to win $100. So you bet $110 if you want to win $100 on Russia. Canada is the underdog, and their betting value is better. To win $110 by betting on Canada, you have to wager $100. You can also bet on individual players of the matches. Players add advantages as Rael Nadal plays for Canada.

Futures Bet

A futures bet is a very simple concept. You are basically predicting which nation you think would win the entire tournament, and you place the bet in advance. For better odds, it’s better to place this bet the further you are from the Davis Cup tournament. As the tournament gets closer, you get a better idea of which team would win, so odds change.

Plenty of research, the schedule, and players representing each country also affect the odds, so you have to review everything before placing your bet.

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Davis Cup History

Here is how many times the most successful countries in Davis Cup’s history have won the competition.

  • United States: 32 times
  • Australia: 28 times
  • Great Britain: 10 times
  • France: 10 times
  • Sweden: 7 times
  • Spain: 5 times
  • West Germany: 3 times
  • Czechoslovakia: 3 times
  • Russia: 2 times
  • Croatia: 2 times

Davis Cup Betting Tips

There are no hard-set rules or tips for Davis Cup betting. But there are certain general sports betting tips that can help you in Davis Cup. Always do more than just listen to what others are saying and look through online sports betting sites that have sports betting trends, current stats, match schedules, player injury reports, and other reports about the match available.

Many online betting sites and online sportsbooks will have different odds. All platforms are different. You would have to choose a betting site or app that would suit your betting frequency and style.

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Tennis Events

ATP and WTA Tours

ATP is the tennis tour for men, and the WTA tour is for women. These tours represent the highest level of tours in tennis for men and women. These are played globally, and weekly matches are held throughout the year.

The Grand Slams

Grand Slams are the most prestigious tennis events. There are four. US Open, French Open, Australian Open, and Wimbledon. Australian Open is played at the end of January in Melbourne. It’s played on hard courts at Melbourne Park. French Open is the second event and it is played on clay courts at Roland Garros in Paris. Wimbledon is the oldest tennis tournament of all time, and it’s played on the grass courts in Wimbledon. All England Club in London has been holding this tournament since 1877. The US Open takes place in August. It starts on the last Monday of August and is played in New York’s hard courts. It’s the final Grand Slam of the year.

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Tennis Betting Odds

There are many ways to bet on tennis, and different odds are available in different markets. It can get a little confusing for novice bettors, but there’s no need to worry. Odds are always calculated based on who are the favorites to win in a match. If it’s a singles match, odds are calculated based on the player’s rankings. The same goes for doubles.

The favorites are determined based on multiple factors, including the players’ current forms, how they have performed in recent tournaments and their historically relevant stats of the current tournament. The particular clash’ head-to-head stats are also used when calculating the odds.

The odds in live betting are different and much more difficult to calculate. Live tennis betting depends on the score and what happens during the game. Odds are continuously shifting, and sometimes it can be hard to calculate which side has the advantage. The best tip for in-game betting is to watch the live match and bet after having a clear view of what’s happening on the court.

How to Bet on Tennis

When it comes to betting on tennis and making your own predictions, you have to learn everything about the available tennis markets. It’s easier for those who are well acquainted with the sport, but if you’re a beginner, it won’t take you too long to learn all the ways you can bet on tennis.

Tennis features singles and doubles. Singles mean a one vs. one match. Doubles mean a two vs. two match. There are various markets where you place your bets. Following are these markets:

  • Handicap betting
  • Match betting
  • Correct Score
  • Outright Betting
  • Over and Under totals
  • Set Winner

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Short-Term Tennis Betting

Match Betting

This is the simplest and easiest way to bet, not just in tennis but in other sports as well. In any match, there are two sides and they are playing against each other. All you have to do is place a bet on which side you think would win the match. If the side or player wins the match, you win. If not, then you lose. When you have more experience and tips from punters about tennis betting, you will improve your winning chances.

Handicap Betting

Handicap betting is used when the chances of a player winning are extremely high compared to the player they’re playing against. The odds are too low in this case, so a handicap is added to the odds. This means that you can increase the amount of money you can win if you add a set of things the player has to achieve during the match.

Over and Under Totals

When it comes to this type of betting market, you can either use total games or total sets. When you place a bet on over, and under of total games or total sets, it means you would have to predict which match or set will result in an over or under in a number of games or sets played.

Correct Score

This is the tennis bet that can earn you the highest rewards if you guess the correct score. Even in US Open, the highest bets are placed on guessing the exact score of a set or a match. Tennis betting odds are extremely high on guessing the correct score, much higher than guessing the match-winner. Betting on the winner is easy; guessing the score is tricky.

Long Term Tennis Betting

Outright Betting

This is a long-term betting type in tennis. In this bet, you predict and place your money on who you think would be the tournament winner. But this works out properly if you make your prediction before the tournament even starts. As you get closer to the tournament starting, the odds start to go down. Punters have tips available in deciding the tournament winner, but odds keep changing, so it’s better to pick your winner as soon as possible.

You can also choose the players you expect would reach the quarterfinals, semifinals, or finals. This also comes under long-term betting. You can also choose which players would reach the final. So, if one player doesn’t, you can still get some money out of the other player’s bet.

In-Play Betting in Tennis

Like we mentioned before, in-play betting is also a type of bet. Live tennis betting is extremely popular and has only grown in popularity in the past few years. There is enormous interest in live betting during tennis matches, and there are a lot of predictions and tips available from experienced punters.

A basic way to bet on the live tennis match is to place a bet on who you think would win the match, who would win the set, and who would win the game. These are the basic markets.

As we see the growth in online sports betting and the interest in tennis betting, we can access online betting platforms that will offer a variety of online tennis bets. People from countries with legal sports betting can find access to the best legal sports betting sites online and start betting instantly.

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