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Cycling Betting: How To Make Winning Bets?


Even though online sports betting is quite popular, betting on cycle races isn’t as popular. The reason is that cycling in itself isn’t a popular sport. Moreover, the odds and wagers for cycling are also restricted, as are the betting markets.

However, this trend is slowly changing as more people are taking an interest in betting on cycling. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Take Note Of The Weather Conditions

Adverse weather conditions play a huge role in how a race will turn out. The weather conditions can tell you a lot from the track to the riders’ endurance.

For example, if it’s an extremely hot and humid day, the riders will be slower than usual, or if it’s a rainy day, there are chances of injuries as well.

Check The Form Of The Riders

Just because a rider is ranked number one doesn’t mean they’ll do good in all races. That’s why it’s important to check the rider’s form and stats. For example, if the race is a sprint, the riders with proven track records will most likely win.

Similarly, if it’s a tour, then those with endurance and strength will last. For climbing categories, the riders who have good leg strength will do the climb.

Don’t Make Huge Wagers

When wagering on cycling, especially during live betting, the odds can change drastically. So if you wager huge amounts of money, the chances of losing bets are high.

When it comes to cycling, you should make small wagers and stay away from the huge ones. Moreover, making huge wagers can also quickly lead to the depletion of your bank account.

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Don’t Stick To One Website

Because wagering on cycle is still in its initial stages, betting sites don’t offer a lot of odds and betting options. So sicking to one site won’t offer you good value.

You should create accounts with multiple sportsbooks so you can take advantage of the bonuses and get a wider variety of wagers and odds.

Bet On Main Cycling Events

One problem with betting on cycling events is that they aren’t as popular. As a result, the smaller events don’t offer much value to bettors.

So if you want to make some good money, it’s better to stick to main events such as Tour De France and La Vuelta an Espana. However, if you want to improve your betting skills, smaller events are the best.

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