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Can You Bet On Both Teams in FIFA and Still Win?


FIFA is an incredible football tournament to bet on, be it the actual physical matches or their video game versions.

There are over nine million active players of FIFA across the world’s most popular gaming consoles. The number of people who watch FIFA tournament matches in real time is ten times higher! Considering these numbers, it’s easy to see why sports bettors worldwide place such hefty bets on FIFA all the time. The tournament’s best teams and players rarely ever disappoint, which is why sports bettors always know what/who to wager on.

But what if you don’t want to pick sides? Can you bet on both teams in a FIFA match and actually win? Let’s discuss.

Can You Gamble on Both Teams?

The answer to this question is quite tricky yet simple at the same time. In short, yes, you can easily place bets on both opposing teams in a FIFA match. In fact, you can bet on both teams in any sports match involving only two teams. There are technically no betting rules in any online sportsbook that stop you from wagering on both teams.

The act of betting on both teams sometimes arises from conflicting betting odds offered by different bookmakers. This is called arbitrage betting. The specific conditions make it possible for sports bettors to place one bet on each outcome rather than just one.

Should You Bet on Both Teams?

Just because you can make a certain type of bet doesn’t always mean that you should. The case with arbitrage betting is somewhat similar.

When you wager on both possible outcomes in a match, you increase your chances of winning. However, you also increase your chances of losing since only one of your bets can logically be successful. You may end up losing more by betting on both teams, since you’ll bet double the money and win only half of it back no matter the outcome. Sports bettors can only win big by betting on both teams in very rare cases.

Which Sportsbooks Let You Bet on Both Teams?

As mentioned earlier, none of the top online sportsbooks have any rules against arbitrage/both teams betting. So, if you’d like to dabble in this type of online sports betting, you can do it on pretty much any of your top local betting sites. Just make sure to find safe betting sites so you can win your earnings back without any problems.

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