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Betting With The Spread Vs. Against The Spread: What’s The Difference?


The spread, also known as the line, is a type of wager used in sports betting that is used to even the odds when two teams play that are not evenly matched. The type of bet has gained a lot of popularity throughout the world of online betting due to its ability to make even the most one-sided game exciting. Here’s all you need to know about betting on the spread.

Spread Betting, Explained

Every passionate better should know how the spread works because it adds a layer of diversity to your betting. For many games, the result is known before the timer even starts, so there’s no use in betting on these games unless you’re betting on the spread.

For example, if The Colts are a -3.5 point favorite against the Texans, they must win by at least four points if you want to get on the spread. If the Colts win by a two-point margin, you will lose. A spread bet is different from a regular game. Instead of having the same amount of money on both sides, it gives the same amount of money if you win.

If you’re a Colts fan and think three points are a hard number, then a Moneyline bet on the team with no points is a good idea. If the Texans covered the Moneyline, the underdog would get more money because they’d have won the bet straight up. In a spread, however, if the Texans lost by less than three points, you would still only get the money back since they lost by less than three.

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The Difference Between Betting With And Against The Spread

Simply put, betting with the spread is when you support the favorite team and believe that they’ll win conclusively against the underdog by any number of points. Betting against the spread is when you root for the underdog to keep the loss to a minimum or even win.

A win or a loss isn’t relevant for the bettor if they’re betting against the spread, as long as they keep the points difference under the number you chose to bet on. You have to be quite tactical when choosing a team in a spread wager and make sure that the points difference you choose isn’t too outlandish. If you play your cards right, you can make a large winning in bets like these because they reward you for the risk you take.

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