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Betting on the ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup 2022: All You Need to Know


Ever since it was first founded in 1973, the ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup has been steadily growing in popularity each year.

The tournament brings in huge viewership numbers every time it comes around. The 2020 edition of the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup brought in a record-breaking audience of over 1 billion real-time viewers. This indicated a positive shift towards the growing popularity of women’s cricket. Millions of sports bettors are now placing their biggest bets on the leading women’s cricket teams and players.

Here’s what the 2022 edition of the ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup (ODI) has in store for online sports bettors.

About the 2022 ICC Women’s World Cup

The 2022 ICC Women’s World Cup will kick off on March 4th with the first match being between New Zealand and West Indies. There’ll be a total of 31 games played between the eight competing teams. The tournament will end on the 3rd of April, 2022 where the winner will be declared.

Throughout the history of the tournament, a few teams and players have dominated the rankings due to their prowess in the sport. Currently, Australia, South Africa, and England are in the top three with the highest numbers of points accumulated. Every experienced sports bettor knows just how incredible it is to watch these teams in action and bet on them!

Most Anticipated Matches

Cricket has a huge global audience, so rivalries are bound to form between competing nations. There are certain teams that have the highest betting odds every time they’re matched up together. These matches also end up becoming the most anticipated matches of the tournament. Here are the ones for this World Cup:

1. Australia vs. England

When it comes to cricket rivalries, it’s impossible to ignore the one between Australia and England. The two nations are not ones to shy away from the competition. So, when they go up against each other in Seddon Park in Hamilton on March 5th, you can expect to come across some incredible cricket odds.

2. Pakistan vs. India

If you know anything about South Asia, you know about the insane rivalry between the Indian and Pakistani nations. Cricket is the most popular sport in both countries, making matches between the two teams easily the most-watched and most heavily bet on in the entire tournament. Watch out for the incredible betting odds on your top local betting sites when the match airs on March 6th!

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