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Betting Odds in UFC Explained


In recent years, combat sports like MMA and UFC have seen astronomical growth. UFC fights are the ultimate betting experience. Punters love to wager on the most anticipated fights and make some good cash.

The UFC market has only been increasing in value, and the interest in UFC betting has also increased. For those who want to get into the UFC and other combat sports, this betting guide can help you understand the basics.

How to Read UFC Odds

Fight Odds

As in many other sports, UFC odds are also represented using the plus and minus signs. If someone is the favorite to win a fight, their odds will be represented by the minus sign. If a fighter is deemed the underdog, their odds will be represented by the plus sign. Usually, the odds are based on a wager of $100.

For example, let’s assume the odds between McGregor and Khabib are +125 and -130, respectively. If you want to bet on the underdog (McGregor), you will be laying down $100 to win $120, and if you win the bet, you get $120 and the original $100. If you bet on Khabib (-130), you will be laying down $130 to win $100. If you win the bet, you collect $100 and the $130 as well.

You have to put up more money for the favorites because there isn’t much risk associated with favorite bets. Underdog bets require you to put up less money because there is more risk.

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UFC Over/Unders

Other than the odds for the outright winner of the fight, there is the over-under bet. Here you are betting on how long the fight will last. If the betting odds look like this:

Over 4.5

Under 4.5

This means that you will be betting on whether the right will last more than 4.5 rounds. If you think the right would be quick, you will place the under bet.

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