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Betting Guide: The Cash-Out Option


The bookmaker’s cash-out option is a feature you’ll usually see in in-play and live betting. The cash-out offers are made in real-time, before the final outcome. Simply put, cash-out enables bettors to get their money back before the game has concluded (if, for example, the result is going against their favor). Bettors who see an unlikely moment in their favor or foresee a loss will benefit from this option. However, the amount of money you’ll get back differs and is based on the time of cash out.

Depending on your bet’s likelihood, you may get less than your original stake (which is still better than losing it all) or you could end up making a profit on your initial stake. Usually, in-play markets are volatile so the amount you get from the cash-out option is difficult to forecast, especially in the final phase of games or races, which is typically the time when bettors are most likely to use the cash-out option.

As the chances of winning become more obvious (or less obvious), fluctuations in the cash-out option increase or decrease as a result. In certain cases, the cash-out option is made unavailable altogether.

Why do betting sites offer cash-out feature?

So, you’re probably wondering, why do betting sites offer you an opportunity to cut your losses? Well, the answer is simple – bettors love this feature. It doesn’t just make betting more entertaining but allows the player to ‘close’ cheerful men betting online

their bet so they can bet on other games. Thus, this option allows bookmakers to raise the interest of players in in-play betting.

How does this feature work?

Here’s a simple example.

In the game Liverpool vs. Arsenal, you bet $100 for Arsenal to win, odds of @2.50. So, you aim to make a profit of $150.

The score is 0-1 for Arsenal at halftime. The software provides you the opportunity to cash out $180 and to settle your bet. Now, you can either leave your bet open to win the full amount ($250) if Arsenal will win the game or accept the proposal and make an $80 profit.

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