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Betting For Beginners: How To Understand Betting Odds


More and more Americans are turning to sports betting. Sports betting is now permitted in many states as a result of the lifting of the federal ban. If you’re thinking about getting into betting, whether it’s at a casino or in sports, you should know what the odds are.

Betting intelligently necessitates a thorough understanding of the many varieties of betting odds plus how they are presented in various formats. Let’s look at some basic things that will help us understand betting odds.

How To Read Betting Odds?

A sportsbook’s evaluation of the likelihood or improbability of a given occurrence is reflected in its odds. On the other hand, accurately guessing the least probable scenario pays substantially more.

Betting on an outcome that has more chances of happening, such as betting on a heavy favorite, will earn you less money as compared to winning a bet that has a lesser likelihood of being true. It is impossible to build a winning sports betting technique without first mastering the art of calculating and reading odds.

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Betting Odds Format

Betting odds can be divided into three categories: decimal (European), fractional (British), and money line (American). Based on the sport, betting odds are presented in a different format. This means that American odds are more likely to be used for football, while fractional odds are used for soccer.

Nothing about the payoffs changes because they’re merely different ways of expressing the same information. In other words, the likelihood of an event happening could be converted and shown in any of the following types of odds.

Different Types Of Odds

Now that you’ve mastered the art of interpreting odds, it’s time to learn about the many types of bets you can place. So, how do these odds work? Continue reading to learn more about the various kinds of betting odds.

1. Moneyline

Moneylines are among the most basic types of wagering odds. The bet is on the game’s outcome, whether one team wins or the game ends in a tie. This wager will pay off if you correctly predict the outcome. Any sport can include these wagers, but they are most popular in low-scoring sports such as hockey, baseball, and soccer.

2. Point Spread

There are numerous sports where point spread wagers are prevalent. You are betting on if the favorite side in a game will not only prevail but come out on top by greater than the points that the bookmaker is predicting. The difference between the two estimates is referred to as the spread in this context.

3. Totals

Such betting odds, also known as an over/under, are bets on if the overall score across opposing sides in a match will be greater or lesser than the bookmaker anticipates. As a sports bettor, it is essential to learn how to evaluate odds such as these to determine which matches would be high-scoring.

What’s Next?

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