Two men standing while holding rackets

Best Tennis Betting Tips and Strategies


Have you been watching the previous tennis matches closely and wondering if it’s time to try your luck with sports betting? Then here are some betting tips to help you bag some big wins.

Two men standing while holding rackets

Tennis is one of the major sports events that have huge stakes at hand. Industry experts worldwide come together before and during tennis matches to present novice and pro sports bettors with exceptional betting tips and strategies. As the hype keeps increasing every year, the prize money continues to rise too.

However, bettors must keep in mind that tennis is a very lucrative sport to bet on. That’s why our tipsters at Betting Site Ranking are here to help you out.

Short Term Tennis Betting

With two sides playing against one another, match betting is one of the easiest ways to bet on tennis. All bettors do is make a judgment on who they think will win and place a wager on it. If your team wins, you win, and if they lose, you lose your wager too.

However, the best thing to do here is to do your research before betting rather than placing all your wager on the team you love.

Handicap betting is the one that’s mostly used in case a player is a landslide favorite in comparison to others. Since the odds on the favorite winning are too low, the end prize isn’t that big either. But when combined with a handicap, bettors can expect bigger wins.

Another interest tennis betting strategy is over and under totals. There are two ways to go about it: total games, where you guess whether the total match will be under or over a particular set number of games. And total sets are when you guess whether the entire match exceeds a certain number of sets played or not.

Long Term Tennis Betting

One of the most famous long-term tennis betting is outright betting. The bet here is placed on the player you think will win the tournament. If you want to win big, it’s best to place the bets before the tournament starts since odds decline exponentially when you bet after the game begins.

You can also use outright betting to place your money on who you think will reach the semi-finals, quarterfinals, or finals.

Man bouncing tennis ball with his racket

Who’s the Best Tennis Bookmaker?

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