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Beating the Bookmakers – 9 Online Betting Strategies That Guarantee Success


Online bookmakers earn a significant amount of money by offering online betting odds, betting pools, and promotions.

While it may seem like you’re bagging handsome payouts by winning bets online, your bookmaker is making even more profits! Online sports gambling and casino games are all about maximizing profits and leveraging lucrative betting pools. But it’s important for online punters to understand all about betting tips and strategies.

Beat the bookmakers—if you’ve been betting online on different betting sites, you must’ve come across this term at least once. It’s every online punter’s dream, and for all the right reasons.

No one wants to choose a betting website that doesn’t offer bonuses, promotions, and accurate odds. But sometimes, even after choosing one, you may not find yourself making lots of cash. This is because you’re not implementing smart tactics to beat the bookmaker math!

In this detailed blog post, our extremely talented online sports punters and best-betting sites reviewers have put together some effective tips that can help you beat the bookmakers. So let’s delve into the details right away!

1. Follow a Reliable and Professional Online Betting Review Platform

Relying on a sketchy online betting tipster will do no good to you. It will only end up in higher financial loss and betting defeats. When it comes to finding the best online betting websites and online casinos, we strongly recommend you trust a professional tipster.

Betting Sites Ranking is a leading online platform. We take pride in assisting millions of online gamblers and sports bettors in learning about online betting. Our experienced professionals share gambling tips and tricks regularly.

But that’s not all; besides the best betting sites reviews and betting tips, we also offer top daily bets to enable online punters to stay ahead of the most profitable betting pools.

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2. Prioritize Online Betting Safety and Value

When picking a safe betting website or a live casino, don’t fall for their attractive visuals or hyped promotional tactics. Instead, prioritize what’s really important.

The online sports betting and casino gambling industry is growing by the day. With more entrants penetrating the market, differentiating the safest betting sites from their counterparts has become a hassle for online punters.


That’s why, at Betting Sites Ranking, you can find the best betting sites reviews that tell you all about:

  • The correct URL to access a betting site online
  • Complete code of license under which the online bettingsite is registered
  • Deposit and withdrawal methods
  • Supported currencies, language, and countries’ access
  • Whether or not the online betting site offers crypto betting pools
  • Live support and complete contact information
  • Promo codes, sign-up bonuses, in-betting schemes offered by the betting website, and a lot more!

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Sports betting bookmakers

3. Research as Much as You Can

While having a reliable tipster by your side is an important factor that plays a significant role in maximizing your online betting success, there’s something more you must do.

The real art of winning money by betting online lies in your research game. The better you understand the industry’s best practices, the easier it will be to choose the perfect betting pools. However, it’s easier said than done.

That’s exactly why Betting Sites Ranking brings you day-to-day betting guides and top betting sites reviews to help you beat the bookmakers. We tell you about the best Intertops, Betway, and Bet365 odds. Our aim is to equip online bettors with statistical information that allows for more accurate future predictions.

An online bettor sad after losing money

Our betting guides and betting sites reviews help online punters analyze statistics and change online gambling trends. We can help you catch the ropes of betting on popular sports events like the NFL, ICC World Cup, and FIFA and wagering on niche sports events.

4. Understand the Value Offered in the Odds

Reading betting odds is a challenge for many online sports punters. Bookmakers don’t usually present the probability of success in their odd pools. It’s important to note that the probability of success is never equal to the one offered in the odds. That’s exactly why online sports gamblers need to choose the odds that offer value instead of shallow fluff.

If you want to choose the best betting websites that offer the most accurate baseball, basketball, cricket, football, and tennis odds, head over to this page now. Your ultimate aim to win big online is to choose a bookie with the most valuable odds.

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5. Use Betting Strategies that Maximize Returns and Minimize Risks

Some of the betting strategies like hedging and arbitrage betting provide the highest payouts and success rates to online bettors and casino gamblers. Online betting strategies range from simple to complicated ones. The key is to balance your betting plan with the right mix of online gambling tactics.


You should not always play safe as it can significantly decrease your chances of winning bets. There should be a sweet spot that offers you the right edge against the bookmaker’s strategy.

Online football odds and betting

Some of the other highly recommended betting strategies include:

  • Double chance wager
  • Matched betting

If you’re unable to find the best online betting bonuses, betting sites, or online gambling apps, check out our top ten safest betting sites today!

6. Avoid Making Common Online Betting Mistakes

Online sports gamblers, especially the new ones, tend to follow the crowd. They don’t focus on researching and shopping for better prices and ultimately lose a lot of bets. As a result, their poor bankroll management doesn’t allow them to win at sports betting.

Betting Sites Ranking’s expert team has highlighted the following common mistakes that online gamblers often commit and end up having a bad online gambling experience:

  • Focusing too much on the terms and conditions even after you’ve found an extremely profitable betting deal
  • Not checking the payment terms options for your specific country before betting on an online sports betting site
  • Moving large money sums very frequently. This can lead to account freezes if the bookmakers suspect a suspicious activity
  • Not investing enough time and money to calculating odds and profits at the time of choosing an online bookmaker
  • Having unrealistic expectations when betting online to win real money
  • Placing too many types of bets on different online betting sitesat the same time
  • Always backing one team that’s your favorite. To maximize your wins against the bookmaker’s strategy, you must learn how to step out of your comfort zone
  • Not focusing on finding the value hidden in the odds
  • Taking odds that are lower than the actual success rate

Check out this ultimate guide to overcome all sorts of online gambling challenges and make money betting on sports online.

Excited sports bettors checking online odds

7. Consider Value Betting

The main objective of value betting is to predict the betting success probability more accurately. This helps in getting ahead of the bookmakers by analyzing an odd based on:

  • A team’s past performance
  • Players’ form
  • Chances of upset
  • Back to back favorites
  • Defending favorites, etc.

In value betting, online sports gamblers don’t just bet on a team or player they think will win. They dig deeper to learn the ins and outs of an odd and calculate its success probability. After all, favorites aren’t deemed to win all the time. And as we mentioned above, when betting online, you shouldn’t always wager on your favorite team or player.

After calculating the odds, online sports gamblers should identify the distinguishing factors with implied odds. With value betting, you don’t have to worry about betting on an underdog because the decision will be data-driven and backed by statistical homework.

Sports betting on a tablet

8. Understand How Bookmakers Earn

When deciding the odds, most bookmarkers have a margin of at least 5%. For example, if a real money betting site is offering an odd for a coin toss, the figure will be around 1.85 to 1.95. The rest of the margin will go to the bookmaker.

Bookmakers are pros at deciding and setting accurate betting odds that benefit them the most. Setting the odds that offer value to the betting market is their top priority, but they don’t miss out on quantifying profits. Since every type of sports betting has several factors impacting its success rate, you must choose a betting strategy that maximizes your edge over the bookmaker.

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9. Know the Sport You’re Betting On

This is undoubtedly the most important tip of all. Understanding the sports you’re betting on can help you make the right wagers at the right time and on the right team. This tip may seem very obvious to most of the online sports bettors out there. But it’s also true that many online gamblers lose a lot of money by not studying the sport they’re betting on.

Online bookmakers and sports bookies are intelligent enough to gauge the professional expertise of an online bettor. Therefore, they’re better able to offer an odds mix that’s more beneficial to their own part.


If you really want to bet via the safest online sports betting sites to make real cash, you need to start studying to make informed betting decisions. You should know about work to help make informed bets to minimize risk.

You’d be surprised to know how often odds fluctuate in the real betting market. There will be many bookmakers raving about the pros of betting on Manchester United, but a very few of them will be informative enough to tell you about the right skiing tournament odds.

All in all, betting online is an art that every gambling lover must master before diving in. From implementing smart betting tips to improving payouts, you can do a lot of things to win big!

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