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Baseball Betting Tips & Strategies for MLB Finals


Baseball is the only professional sport played during the summer and continues to run till late spring (postseason in October). The MLB schedule is stacked, with teams playing about six or seven games every week during this period. That’s almost one game per week. Wow!

Similar to other sports events, the MLB series is also a game of numbers where each inning, contest, and at-bat is measured in metrics. This means that the MLB bettors have stacks of data to comb through to take advantage of the MLB odds.

If you’re new to baseball betting, here are some tips and strategies that’ll come in handy during handicapping MLB odds:

Pitching Matchups and Odds

When sportsbook sites set odds for setting MLB run lines, moneylines, and totals, they look at the MLB starting pitchers. They always consider the current form of stats along with the home/away stats, including the past performance.

This strategy allows sportsbooks to set fool-proof and winning odds. So if they can start their day without it, maybe it’s worth the effort?

Betting Trends

The MLB betting trends consist of repeating results from certain situations or past games that offer insights for bettors when placing a wager. These trends consist of team-focused and league-wide stats as there are many different types of betting opportunities available.

The best betting trend is based on a larger sample size that explains the repeated results.

What’s the Weather Like?

If the match takes place in a domed or closed stadium, you can steer clear of this advice. However, if it’s an open stadium match, many weather factors must be considered. For example, the speed and direction of the wind can impact the over/under bets.

Similarly, rain can cause the ball to be too slick, whereas high and strong winds can blow the ball toward the outfield.

Do You Know The Umpire?

When it comes to calling out strikes and balls, every home plate umpire has its own set of tendencies. For example, umpires with a smaller strike zone will generate more called balls that will force pitches to be more accurate. Take your time to study the umpire before you decide to wager on a game.

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All Set to Make a Bet?

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