Ask the Experts: How to Make a Living Sports Betting


While not the most conventional form of livelihood, sports betting can become a job if you know what you’re doing. It does take a lot of experience, attention, and dedication to the craft to make it big. But it’s certainly possible and people have done it, and here’s what they have to say about it:


Be Profitable

While this point may come off as a no-brainer, there’s actually more depth to it. It’s impossible for a bettor to call every single wager correctly. In reality, a professional gambler needs to get around 53% or more of their wagers right. This is considered the optimal consistency for a professional bettor and hardly 1% of bettors have such records.


So where does this seemingly overwhelming amount of success in sports betting come from? A work ethic that pushes people to work hard and constantly improve. Regardless of his age and success, people report that Billy Walters still puts in as much time and effort as ever to maintain such profitability.

Betting on Reliable Sites

You’ll notice that a lot of gamblers and bettors get banned from using casinos and websites where they constantly win a lot of money. The house considers this a threat to their livelihood due to cheating, but some sharps just know what they’re doing. You want to pick a website that’s reliable and isn’t afraid to host you.

Other important features to look out for include quality customer support, swift and secure payout schemes, market competitive betting odds. Professional gamblers don’t stick to one platform, because it can become hard and, in some cases, impossible to find one platform that does practically everything. Not only do you have line shopping choices, but you have a backup option.

Strategizing and Goals

The difference between an average bettor and a professional is fairly significant. Unlike the amateurs, every single bet that a professional bettor makes goes through numerous revisions based on a large dataset. A novice might be partial to their biases or any external influence that’s not based on substantiated evidence.

Professional bettors treat it like their job, developing their strategies, collecting all kinds of information and reports that they can to push their careers forward. They also plan realistic growth for their career to increase their earnings on a regular basis.

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