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All You Need To Know About Against The Spread Betting On The Super Bowl


The super bowl is just around the corner, with the Cincinnati Bengals and the Los Angeles Rams going head to head on Sunday 13th of February. Die-hard fans and sports bettors are eagerly waiting for the game to begin so they can wager on their favorite team and win big. Many online sportsbooks showcase several odds on different betting lines, especially for the super bowl game. Today’s blog will discuss the ‘against the spread’ betting line option.

What Is Against The Spread Betting?

Against the spread is one of the most popular forms of sports betting, but it’s equally challenging. Against the spread is the complete opposite of points spread betting, so to understand it, you’ll need to understand the point spread bets. Point spread bets are set to even out the playing field between the two teams so bettors can wager on either of the team.

In this setting, there’s a favorite denoted by a minus (-) sign and an underdog denoted by a plus (+) sign. A better wins the favorite bet if the team wins more than the points stated in the bet. This is called betting with the spread.

Betting against the spread is the complete opposite of this. In this, punters wager on the underdogs and to win the bet, the underdogs need to win the game outright or lose by a number higher than the one given in the bet. But if the underdogs lost by the exact points written in the bet, then this is called a push and your money is refunded.

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What Are The Odds For The Super Bowl?

The Los Angeles Rams are generally favored to win this year, and hence they are the favorites while the Bengals are the underdogs. As a result, most betting sites have listed the Rams with -3.5 odds and the Bengals with +3.5 odds. So for the spread bets, the Rams need a score of more than 3.5 for punters to win. Similarly, the Bengals need to wither win the game or lose by 3.5 or more points for punters to win against the spread bet.

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