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A Deeper Look at the History of Horserace Betting in America


While it’s true that horseracing has its roots in Britain, the Americans love the sport and betting on it just as much.

The sport’s history is linked to the era of King James I. Today, the horseracing we know is quite different from the old sport’s rules and practices. Several adjustments and alterations have made horseracing more fun, exciting, and accessible to the public.

In this detailed blog, we will shed light on the horseracing history, its presence and popularity in the US, and the best horseracing betting tips and strategies.

A Brief Overview of Horseracing History

Horseracing is a very old sport, maybe one of the oldest ones. It has undergone many changes but hasn’t lost its essence and charm. Horseracing primarily began in the early British counties, where horse breeders came up with an idea to make their horses compete in a race.

Let’s dig into the details to learn about horserace betting and its American history.

Why Did Horseracing Start?

The objective of this race was basically to learn about the grit, strength, and agility of a horse. Soon after its primitive stage, horseracing became an uber-popular sport, attracting many spectators and curious people.

And it wasn’t very long before bettors started wagering on horseraces with huge sums of money. Today, horseracing has developed into a full-course sport. Its leisure vibe and laidback feel have disappeared, and the sport has turned into a huge global phenomenon.

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Horserace Betting in the US

After a few years, the British horseracing lovers brought their high-class, premium-bred horses to the US. The first horserace track was set in Long Island back in 1665!

While horserace betting was a popular form of sports gambling and had many fans, the sport didn’t gain the public’s attention until after the Civil War. After this war, the American Stud Book was initiated, which became a go-to platform for horserace events.

The 1800s

By the late 1800s, the horserace betting industry grew dramatically due to the rapid industrial revolution, increasing sports gambling interest, and general sports betting activities. It’s believed that there were over 300 horserace tracks up and running across the Americas by this time.


The 1900s

In the 1900s, horseracing and horserace betting became a big market. Alongside baseball betting and American football gambling, sports bettors started betting on horseraces.

However, in the early 1900s, the sentiments toward horserace betting were wiped out due to anti-gambling policies and notions. These policies ultimately led many American states to ban sports gambling activities.

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The Advent of the Pari-Mutuel Horserace Betting Technique

In the same year, horserace betting and other sports betting lovers launched the ultimate Pari-Mutuel horserace betting on the highly coveted American horserace: The Kentucky Derby. This event proved to be a game-changing point for the horserace betting industry in the US.

Soon after WWI and WWII in the 1900s, the peace and wealth brought sports gamblers flocking to the horserace tracks. As world peace restoration was on the rise, massive sports betting, particularly horserace betting resurgence, took place in the 1970s. This era saw a massive boom in The Triple Crown’s popularity.

Late-1900s: The American Triple Crown and Booming Horserace Betting Market in the US

If you ask anyone who has even a bare minimum knowledge about horseracing, you’ll soon get to know about The American Triple Crown. Consisting of the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness, and the Belmont Stakes, these American horseraces are known as the most popular sports events in the country.

1996 Till-Date

The first virtual casino gambling site was launched in 1996. Initially, the online betting website offered basic casino games like poker and slots. However, due to the unavailability of digital payment systems, online bettors couldn’t make bets with real money.

But this online casino was a starting and a turning point in the entire gambling industry. So its popularity spread across the country and overseas as well. Nowadays, multiple legal and safe online betting sites in the US offer the best horserace betting pools.

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But if you find it difficult to choose the most reliable online betting site, we can help. Online sports bettors in the US love to bet on thoroughbred races such as the Breeder’s Cup races. In the US, the responsibility of enlisting and breeding thoroughbreds is fulfilled by the Jockey Club.

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What Do You Need to Know About Online Horserace Betting‘s Popularity in the US?

Horseracing has always been a significant attraction for online bettors. Modern-day sports gamblers in the US have countless ways to bet online on their favorite sport, including horseracing.

Physical gambling on horseraces and horses has always been a popular trend. However, with dramatic digitalization, online sports bookmakers and bettors have come together virtually to invest and earn via online sports gambling and live casinos.

How Online Bettors Can Bet Online in the US

Online betting sites offer lucrative betting pools and horseracing betting odds on the internet. However, to leverage them, sports gamblers need to learn about the fundamentals of this sport.

Horseracing involves thoroughbreds running at high speed, competing against each other to the finish line. This sport has two main forms:

  • The first one, known as harness racing, involves a jockey that controls and balances the horse during a race.
  • And the second, racing on the flat has a rider astride.



Horseracing betting used to be a pretty straightforward sport back in history. With time, it evolved and got categorized into many types, each having its own rules and structure.

Online Horserace Betting in the USDiving Deeper

Online sports betting has become an immensely popular activity worldwide. From the Asia Pacific to the US and the UK, sports gamblers love to bet online through their favorite betting sites.

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We understand that wagering has become a day-to-day activity for many people. It has led to significant popularity advancements for legal betting sites and sports betting apps.

Choosing the Safest Online Sports Betting Website in the US

Among many types of sports betting, wagering on horseracing has turned into a major source of appeal for online gamblers. And one of the main reasons behind this ancient sport’s growing popularity is its simplicity.

Online sports bookmakers and bettors find horseracing a fairly easy sport to bet on. From understanding horserace betting odds to choosing the safest online betting platform, punters find it easy to place bets on horseracing events.

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Here are the top factors online gamblers should look for in an online sports gambling or live casino website:

  • Betting pool richness
  • Availability of different sports betting options
  • Legality and compliance of the sports betting site
  • Check whether or not it offers a live sports bettingoption
  • Handsome payouts, betting bonuses, and sports betting promotionsfor an online gambler’s profit maximization
  • Tipping and guidelines about safe betting practices

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Modern-Day Horserace Betting in America

The American sports betting and live casino gambling market doubled in 2021. Be it the pandemic or the increasing internet penetration, the results are quite juicy for bookmakers and bettors.

With more online betting sites such as 1xBet, 1xBit, BetUS, and Bet365 available on the internet, sports bookies have hundreds of options to bet online. Moreover, with an all-in-one platform like Betting Sites Ranking, learning about online betting is not a hassle anymore.

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How Do People Bet on Horseraces in the US?

In modern-day America, online sports betting follows particular rules and codes. Bookmakers and sports gamblers use the pari-mutuel wagering system to place bets on horseracing events. This betting technique was named after its French developer, Pierre Oller in the late 1900s.

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What is the Pari-Mutuel Horserace Betting System in the US?

The pari-matuel betting technique offers a fixed payout, typically around 14 to 25%. This amount retrieved by the online bettors from the racing pouches. It’s used to manage onlinebetting practices alongside track functioning expenses and state and local levies.

William Hill betting site

After the intended amount is allotted to the said activities, the remainder is used to pay the online bettors who win a bet. In horseracing betting, the odds and projected outrights are calculated similarly to in other sports betting pools.

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Types of Bets in Horserace Betting in the US

The diversity of betting strategies in horserace betting is what makes it absolutely exciting. If you’re wondering about horserace betting types, here’s a list of the most popular ones:

  • Standard wagers
  • Win bets
  • Show bets
  • Place bets
  • Exotic bets
  • Single-race exotics
  • Superfectadet
  • Super High 5
  • Multi-race exotics
  • Exacta bet
  • Quinella bet
  • Trifecta bet

In addition, horserace betting also welcomes online bettors who love to shake things up by combining different types of horizontal and vertical bets. And the best part is, you get a chance to pick 3 or pick 5 when betting on horseraces online!

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