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A Comprehensive Ice Hockey Betting Guide


Ice hockey has slowly become a popular betting choice for sports bettors. Thanks to NHL, the ice hockey betting market is now up against the likes of the NFL and NBA. Sports bettors are now looking for other sports, and ice hockey could be a wise choice. It’s an action-packed, thrilling, and fast-paced sport.

If you want to start betting on ice hockey, you first have to understand the sport. There are certain rules, different competitions, odds, and bets.

Ice Hockey Rules

Ice hockey rules are pretty similar to many other sports. Players play on a field using a hockey stick. The stick is used to hit the pick. The field is obviously of ice and the ice rink is about 61×30 meters. The ice is known as “fast ice,” which is great for this sport as it allows the plates of the player’s boots to glide faster.

On one team, 20 players are on the roster, but only six per team are allowed on the field. This includes one goaltender and five field players. The main objective of the game is to successfully goal. This means putting the puck into the opposite team’s goal. The team that gets the most points once the game ends wins.

Players can only use one hockey stick, their feet, and their legs. They are not allowed to touch the puck with their hands. One game is divided into three 20 minutes periods.

A game of ice hockey

Ice Hockey Betting Strategies

  • It’s important to remember that favorites don’t always win the game. So always research and place your bets wisely.
  • Puckline bet is the same as a spread bet. It is a complicated bet for those who are new to betting, so stay away from it unless you understand it.
  • Bet on what you know and understand. You can’t get familiar with everything right off the bat, so take time to learn.
  • Always check who the goaltender is. They make and break a team. Study the player’s records and stats. Check how they have been performing in the previous games.

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