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A Comprehensive Guide To Understanding Snooker Odds


Before you start betting on any sporting event, it’s important how the betting odds and lines work for that sport. Placing wagers without knowing the betting lines is a recipe for disaster. You’ll end up wagering wrong and losing more money; the same goes for snooker. Snooker betting lines are a bit different than most sports, but luckily they aren’t too complicated. Keep reading this guide, and you’ll become a pro at snooker betting lines.

Market Bets

Typically, in snooker, there aren’t any draws, so the market bets on snooker are based on which player will win the game. Punters can either wager on player 1 or 2 before the start of the game. Unlike other sports, the wagers aren’t available for live betting, so bettors need to pick the player they think will win by looking at their previous scores and predicted odds. These bets are sometimes called match bets as well.

Handicap And Frame Handicap

This betting line is featured in almost every sport; there are two outcomes for a winner, the favorite and the underdog. Handicap bets level out the betting odds by allocating players with a handicap score. The player with the (-) minus sign is the favorite, while the one with the positive (+) one is the underdog. The favorite is at a disadvantage, while the underdog is at an advantage. For example, if player one is the favorite, they’ll start at a disadvantage and will need to score more than the allocated score to win. On the other hand, the allocated score of the underdog is added to their final score.

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Total Frames

In this betting line, bettors wager on the total number of frames that the entire event will have. You can bet on either over or under. You can place bets on over if you think the total frames will be higher, or you can bet on under if you think that the total frames will be less than the one shown on the bookmakers.

Total Points

AS the same suggests, in this betting line, the punters determine how many total points will be scored in a frame between players 1 and 2. A minimum of 42 points is required, and each red ball has 15 points, while the rest of the colored balls have 27 points.

Outright Wagers

Outright wagers are the ones where you can pick who will be the winner. These bets can be for the winner of the entire tournament or the ones that might reach the quarter and semi-finals. So, you can use either wager for the entire series, or you can do it in sections starting from quarterfinals to the finals.

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