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9 Best Sports to Bet on Online


Did you know that there are over 8000 sports in the world? Since the world consists of such diverse ethnicities and cultures, it seems justified. However, internationally, there are many games that we all like to bond over and bet on.

There’s one thing certain that no single sport can be claimed as the best sport of all times to bet on for many reasons. There are many factors and specifications you must consider for each sport and what makes it the best.

This post lists some of the best sports to bet online, watch your favorite team win, and make some money in the process!


Men playing football

Football, aka soccer, is ranked as the #1 favorite sport globally by youngsters and adults alike. This makes it a popular choice to bet on.

Because of the game’s popularity, there are many benefits from a betting perspective, along with the number of competing operators fighting out there to grab your attention, eventually resulting in great consistent odds on major events.

Football requires strategic and excellent betting skills due to the excessive interest in its betting market. There’s a lot to gain from huge promotions to great odds on many events as a bettor.


  1. It’s very popular
  2. There are highly competitive odds
  3. It’s home to some favorite betting


  1. The variety of choices in bettingmight become overwhelming for some people.

Most Common Betting Markets

· Double Chance

This is also known as 1X2, where the bettor is offered three key options to win the market, including the winning team or a draw. The bettor has a higher chance of winning since you get to pick two options rather than one.

· First Goal Scorer

This is as simple as the name suggests. The bettor gets to pick which team or player will make the first score. This bet is placed in the opening minutes of the game.

· Both Teams to Score

If the game seems like a tough match and you’re unsure which team to back, the person can place a bet on the kind of match the teams will play, such as a tie or a head-on.


Horse Racing

Horse racing has been known as the “Sports of Kings” since the Royal British era. Since the game is about finding out which horse is the fastest, it’s a great opportunity to place some winning bets.

Unlike other sports, this one is truly about enjoying the purest form of sports betting without much need for strategy building. Moreover, since this game is widely enjoyed worldwide, it’s easy to find live coverage of the events, making you feel like you’re there near the start line and keeping a close watch on your favorite horse.


  1. The most popular sport used to bet on
  2. Many live streaming opportunities
  3. Bettors can find abundant and unique promotions


  1. A winning bet requires extensive research.
  2. A large number of competitors

Most Common Betting Markets

· To Win

The bettor places a wager on the horse they think will win.

· To Place

The bettor gets the chance of expanding their winning possibilities by choosing a horse that they think will make it to the top three.

· Forecast Bet

Predicting the top two horses in the order of winning requires extensive research and incredible betting skills.


Man standing with a tennis racket

Now let’s talk about the best one-on-one sports competitions, such as tennis. Many fans consider tennis the best sport ever to bet on as it offers the most excitement and ferocity in a single match. There are many opportunities to place a wager on in this game, from bets on every point, game, and set.

Bettors can also get some other promotional opportunities that are often disclosed during the event’s live streaming since the licensing rights of this game aren’t as strict as those of other sports.


  1. Multiple live coverage options
  2. Some experts help break down the game throughout segments
  3. Since tennis itself is a thrilling game, bettingjust helps amp it up.


  1. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

Most Common Betting Markets

· Handicap Betting

During big tournaments, some mismatched players offer the market a perfect chance to even out the difference through one or multiple game handicaps.

· First Set Winner

This bet is quite simple: you place a wager on who you think will win the opening set, breaking the game market into different elements.

· Total Games Betting

This is also known as the Over or Under market, where the bettor predicts how many matches the game will go on for.


Man playing cricket

If you’re searching for a sport that you can lose yourself in a while placing some bets, there’s nothing better than a cricket match. Not only does the bettor need incredibly strategic moves, but there is also a wide variety of games events available here, such as the Test Series or the T20.

Since this game involves such a vast number of entertainers and a variety of games, some of the best cricket betting sites let you choose the type of cricket you’d like to bet on. Plus, when you place a bet on cricket matches, whether you win or lose, you always go home with an improved experience that helps you place a better bet next time.


  1. Phenomenal depth
  2. Clever selection of betting markets
  3. Enhances enjoyment while helping you understand the game better


  1. The match can sometimes go on for far too long.

Most Common Betting Markets

· Inning Runs

This is a statistics-based market where the bettor predicts the number of runs that’ll be made in the first inning itself.

· Team of Top Bowler

The bettor places a wager of the team with the bowler who’ll take the most wickets in the game. Even if the team loses, the bettor wins as long as he takes the most wickets.

· Coin Toss Winner

It’s as simple as the name suggests; if the bettor picks the team that wins the coin toss, the bettor wins big.


Men playing rugby

You might not come across rugby fans as often as cricket or football fans since it isn’t a very popular sport worldwide. It’s an aggressive game that requires a smart betting approach consisting of in-depth tactics mixed with immediacy.

This game is suitable for both expert and novice bettors since some of the best rugby sites offer multiple markets for each type of bettor. It’s a high-scoring game which means there’ll be plenty of opportunities to place bets over.


  1. Packed with action
  2. Amazing international tournaments for betting
  3. Many Over/Under markets


  1. Doesn’t offer wide courage of events

Most Common Betting Markets

· Tournament Top Scorer

As mentioned earlier, since rugby is a high-scoring event, it offers a scorer leader board. If your player makes it to the leader board, you win.

· Winning Margin

Since big numbers lead to an interesting market, bettors can place wagers on not just the winning team but also by how much they will win.

· Team to Score the First Try

Sometimes points can come in early in this game. If you choose the right team that’ll score the first try, you win.


Boxing match between two players

How can we miss boxing when talking about aggressive and physically demanding games. While you can base your betting calendar around them with other events, boxing is all about the big-money events. But you never know when that might be, it can be amidst the sports spectacular or the betting extravaganza.

When this happens, betting operators can expect many promotional opportunities to help stand out from the rest of the crowd.


  1. Major bettingevents
  2. Dedicated promotional events
  3. Unique bettingmarkets and rulesets


  1. Bettingopportunities are not as common as for other sports.
  2. Live streaming is generally unavailable.

Most Common Betting Markets

· Method of Victory

Bettors can place wagers on how the fight ends, such as knockout or decision.

· Round Group Betting

Bettors bet on who will win and when the fight will end.

· Go the Distance

If you think the fight will be making history as it’ll be epic, you can bet all the way!


Man preparing for MMA

Remember how we discussed that boxing doesn’t offer many betting events for punters? Well, MMA is the perfect substitute for that. Not only do boxing lovers get huge fights and big events to bet on, but there are also scheduled and planned fight cards for utmost enjoyment.

Since MMA is a scheduled event, it provides smart bettors plenty of time to research the cards and decide where they can reap the most benefit from their money.


  1. Much better scheduling than boxing
  2. Offers big fight benefits
  3. Logical booking allows bettors to invest in multiple fights


  1. Higher PPV cost

Most Common Betting Markets

· Method of Victory

This is the double-dipped method in the betting market which does exactly what the name states.

· First Round of Victory

If the match consists of a dominant fighter, MMA fights can end very quickly. If you can tell when that would happen, it’s the perfect betting opportunity for you.

· Draw No Bet

In this market, there’s no option of a draw. If there’s no winner, it’ll be like the bet never even existed.


We don’t mean to be disrespectful here by combining all of the esports under one heading, but it’s actually because there are so many games to choose from that it’ll need a separate blog of its own.

Esports consists of all the new schools of betting that require incredible skills and strategy for sporting events that the world has never seen. Thanks to this segment, there’s a whole other legion of new fans dedicated to only esports.


  1. Many games to bet on
  2. Live streaming is available widely
  3. It brings a whole new range of fans to the betting


  1. Sometimes, the odds here are far less competitive than those of the other established scores.

Most Common Betting Markets

· Map Winner

Rather than betting on a winning team, the catch is to bet on the specific map that a team will win.

· First Blood

The bettors get to pick the player who makes the first kill.

· Handicap Bets

Like other bets, a handicap market provides a disadvantage to the favorites of a match for leveling the odds. And likewise, the underdogs are provided an advantage.


Picture of an NBA match

Sometimes American sports don’t get the credit they truly deserve due to their European counterparts, such as betting on the NBA.

Basketball is nothing less than a lightning-fast burst of legit betting excitement that happens every few minutes, making it such an exciting sport to bet on. Since the teams are so well-established, having them pit against one another is every gambler’s dream come true for an exciting match.


  1. Amazing live betting
  2. Teams are in practice as they regularly play with each other.
  3. The matches are often too close.


  1. Due to licensing rights restrictions, live streaming may be a problem.

Most Common Betting Markets

· Race to 30 Points

The team that gets to make 30 points first wins the market even if they don’t win or lose the game. Please keep in mind that 30 is just an example, and It can be any number.

· Quarter Winner

Here, the bettors make a game within the game by betting on individual quarters.

· Conference Winner

Bettors place wagers on who will be winning the East or West conference.

The Bottom Line

As we mentioned at the start, there is no single best sport to bet on. It’s all a mixture of understanding and advantages that you sometimes get in one market and sometimes in the other. However, you can learn the skills needed to place a bet on any of these games with time.

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