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5 Common Ice Hockey Sports Betting Misconceptions


Sports betting online has been on an unprecedented rise, and now bettors can opt for several popular sportsbooks with a wide range of sports for them to choose from. Because of this and the fact that online betting provides gamblers with many benefits, bettors are more inclined to log online to place their bets rather than going to traditional betting shops or casinos.

One such sport that has become hugely popular in the world of betting is ice hockey. The competitive sport that was once followed only in a handful of countries has now become known worldwide and betted on by millions annually. If ice hockey piques your interest, and you feel that your expertise in the sport can be used to make a winning, there’s no better way than to bet on your favorite team online.

That being said, many misconceptions have arisen over the years about the game and the outcomes. Misconceptions in sports betting have always been there regardless of sport. Many feel that, after a string of losses, they’re due for a win. You may have even heard from a friend that they have “a special strategy” that helps them win every time.

Misconceptions in ice hockey betting are influenced by the deep history of the game and the twists and turns it has seen over the years. We’ve compiled them all so that your judgment isn’t cloudy and you know how to pick the best team for each game. Here are five common ice hockey sports betting misconceptions to know before you make your first bet.

1. Hockey Is All About Luck

While many sports teams are victims of this misconception where their fans think that only luck can determine which team will come out on top, this trend is seen in ice hockey more than in any other game. It all started in the 1999 President’s Cup when the St. Louis Blues won with the most points in history in any NHL club.

They were going against the San Jose Sharks, which was placed at a lowly #8 spot. Despite all odds, the Sharks punished the Blues consecutively for eight games. A recurring theme after these bouts was that the Sharks were “lucky,” and the label has been put on the ice hockey game in general over the years. It’s an easy scapegoat to blame when favorites like the Tampa Bay Lightning, Winnipeg Jets, and Washington Capitals underperform and get eliminated early.

What many don’t realize is that the NHL is extremely competitive, with almost every team boasting star players that can churn out the best performance of their career on any given day. This is also why upsets are common in almost every competitive league, as the NFL and NBA. It’s what makes the games exciting and is a testament to how it’s the benchmark for ice hockey.

Betting on luck may get you some surprise winnings in the start, but if you want to gamble responsibly, the best way is to do your research and make smart bets.

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2. All The Best Teams Are From Canada

One piece of advice that should be plastered on every sports bettor’s wall is to never bet without knowing all the facts. Many gamblers looking to earn a quick buck may just bet on a team if they see it’s from Canada. While it’s true that ice hockey is most popular north of the border, that doesn’t mean that they are giants.

Surprisingly to new fans, the Stanley Cup hasn’t been won by a Canadian team since 1993! This isn’t to say that they’re bad at it; in fact, at least one or two out of the seven total Canadian teams look and play as if they’re favorites to win each year!

Ice hockey is perhaps a more varied sport than any other, with competitive teams vying for the gold each year. It is a platform for huge upsets and surprises, and new stars can be born every year. It also depends on which team has the most in-form players in that particular season. This is why it’s advised to watch at least one game from each team to decide who is the best team to bet on.

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3. Gambling On Hockey Is The Same As Any Other Sport

This is where we burst some of our readers’ bubbles. We know some people reading this may be baseball or cricket betters but are looking to get into ice hockey because it’s what’s trending right now. That’s fine, but if you think you can bring your expertise from betting in other sports to ice hockey, you may be in for a rude awakening.

Sure, many of the facets of betting are the same regardless of what sports you choose, from the types of bets to how sportsbooks show odds. Many bettors also realize that a good chunk of winning a bet depends on the research you put in.

However, there is one crucial aspect of ice hockey that you must remember if you’re a newcomer; gambling on hockey is not the same as the sport itself. National hockey teams see a loss as a loss and a win as a win, but many bets don’t see the game in the same way.

In single-game spreads, for example, when two teams not quite evenly matched are going against one another, the sportsbook introduces betting against the spread, which means that the favorite to win a game needs to do so with a specific margin for its supporters to win.

Betting with or against the spread can be exciting if you’re a cricket fan, for example, because in that sport, the margin by which a team wins also plays a role in their overall rankings and can guarantee a place for them in the semi-finals if they win by larger margins.

But that’s not the case with ice hockey. It doesn’t matter how many goals a team scores as long as they score one more than the opposition. A newcomer betting on ice hockey may seem that the two teams playing aren’t evenly matched and wager on the goal spreads. You may need a certain number of goals to win the bet, but the team only needs one more than their opponent to win the match.

Therefore, it is important that bettors place bets based on the strategy of the team and coach rather than what they think would be most profitable if it happens.

Ice hockey is a very energy-intensive game, and of course, if a team is in the lead, they’d likely go defensive. Rather than try and score more goals, they would likely start going on the defensive to prevent the opposition from catching up. Keep this in mind the next time you’re looking to make a single-game bet.

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4. Futures Gambling Is The Same In The Nhl And The Olympics

Ask any bettor what they think of gambling on ice hockey in the Olympics, and they’ll likely give you a look of dread. That’s because the Olympic format of teams getting knocked out is a lot more unpredictable than the NHL methods.

This can be best seen in such moments as the Canadian team being knocked out by the Swiss in the IIHF World Championship semi-finals in 2018. The Olympic format is single-elimination, making each game more exciting and having teams lose everything on a whim. A team that’s been dominating each game throughout the competition can be sent packing from just one lapse in judgment.

Not only is the format a bit risky, but it also keeps changing constantly, so anyone that thinks they’ve got the technique down to a T may have a whole new chapter to catch up on. This is also especially challenging for future gamblers who want to pick who will win the championship because one bad game means that all the hard work they put in has gone to waste.

That being said, the final elimination games are pretty simple between the two, with both formats requiring a team to be great to survive them.

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5. All Sports Betting Websites Are The Same

Many who ponder the field of online betting will likely be loyal to the first website they use. They do this because they believe that all websites offer the same services, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth! Betting websites come in all shapes and sizes and provide bettors with several unique benefits depending on their offerings.

Since everyone has their preferences, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to betting websites. A website best for you can vary based on your taste in UI design, payment methods, or wager limits. Certain websites also have a wide range of bet types, from single-game bets like Moneyline and points spread to multi-game bets like parlays and teasers. If you’re looking to have some fun while placing bets, you can also opt for prop bets like which player will score the most goals or what the score will be by halftime.

Crypto payments have also been making waves in the world of online sports betting. They should not be taken lightly, as they provide bettors with an unprecedented degree of security and privacy. Many websites have hopped on the trend and accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other popular cryptocurrencies. An added advantage is that these payments can usually be processed with far fewer fees than card payments, so you don’t have to lose a cut of your winnings.

One last thing that may pique your interest; betting websites often have different odds as well! While it’s generally understood that online betting carries a higher profit for bettors than traditional betting shops or casinos, they are also competing with each other and using their algorithms to provide the most accurate odds possible. This means that, if you look hard enough, you may be able to find a website that offers larger winnings than the one you’ve been using this whole time.

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While ice hockey had historically only been popular north of the border, it has now captured and enchanted audiences all over the world, with millions turning up to watch the Stanley Cup each year, and just as many making wagers on sports betting websites. The game has now grown into becoming a beloved globally beloved and even played at the Olympics.

One thing’s for certain, it doesn’t matter what sport you’re betting on if you do your research and pick your favorites based on statistics rather than just a hunch. Follow this principle, and you’ll likely win more than you’ll lose. If you’re looking to start betting on the NHL, you need a website that provides you with all the benefits.

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