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3 Tips For Betting On The World Rally Championship


Rally racing is popular motorsport that has been around for ages. In the past, the event was mostly popular among locals who like a bit of thrill and a bit of dirt. Over the year’s the rally championship got mainstream attention and started getting big sponsorships. Since then, the championship shifted from being a low-level event to an international sensation. If you’re an enthusiastic sports bettor, you should wager on the rally championship. Here’s how.

Pick The Driver And Betting Type

Many different races are happening in the WRC at the same time. In each race, several drivers compete. What you need to do is pick the driver based on their ranking and their odds of different betting sites. Once you pick a few drivers, you need to figure out which betting line you’ll pick. The most popular ones are pro bets in which you only bet on whether someone will win or not.

Another popular one is called the fastest lap. As the name suggests, you simply need to bet on who will finish the race first. But this is a bit tricky as you need to take into account the driver and the performance of the car.

Pay Attention To The Race And Tracks

As highlighted above, WRC has many races going on simultaneously. These races happen on different tracks. The way a car performs on the track differs greatly. You need to consider the corners, the straights, and the paved or unpaved portions of the track. Some cars work great on straight tracks, while others are good at cornering. Some perform the best on gravel tracks.

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Read The Odds

Again with so many races, the odds are scattered across different performance measures. One driver might rank higher for a particular track and race, but they can rank lower for the other. You’ll also need to consider whether you’ll be betting on the underdogs or the favorites which are distinguished by a (-) or a (+) sign. It’s best to go for the favorites if you’re looking for an easy win.

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