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3 Reasons To Bet On E-Sports Tournament


A decade ago, e-sports was only known by a handful of people, and there were no gambling sites that were offering e-sports betting. Now, however, it’s almost everywhere. From worldwide e-sporting events to special wagering options, e-sports is taking over the world. Still, many people are skeptical of betting on these events and consider e-sports to be a bunch of video games. But that’s not true as global e-sports betting is a multi-billion-dollar market, and it’s only starting to grow. So this is the right time to jump into the e-sports craze and become a seasoned s-sports bettor.

It’s A Growing Market

Unlike traditional sports, e-sports is relatively new and therefore considered a growing market. This is why there are a lot of opportunities for the market to grow. For bettors, it means that they get a jump start to master e-sports betting before it takes off. Other than that, the number of games to bet is also steadily increasing. From COD and Dota 2 to PUBG and Battlefield, each year, several games are added to the list of e-sporting events. This gives a lot of opportunities to people looking to increase their winnings.

Advanced In-Play Betting

Since e-sporting events happen in real-time, it offers instant access to all game data. This had led to sportsbooks offering several in-play betting options that aren’t available in regular sports. These bets are unique to each game, for example, the number of teammates that will survive the level or how many times with respawning be used. These bets can only be offered in e-sports and in games where these things are a possibility. As a result, e-sports has become a lot more interesting for punters.

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It’s Crypto-Friendly

One of the greatest benefits of esports betting is that it offers many opportunities for cryptocurrencies like Ethereum or SkinCoin. They allow bettors to make game-specific wagers on certain games or levels which aren’t available in traditional sports like football or basketball. Besides that, crypto allows for swift in-play betting because the e-sport games happen in real-time. Other currencies take time to process and be transferred to the bettor’s account.

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