Bleacher view of a baseball stadium.

3 Overlooked Betting Factors that Apply in Every Major Sport


Betting isn’t as simple as one might imagine and there are often simple aspects that bettors don’t pay attention to. Many of these can certainly be more complicated and specific to a kind of sport, but a lot of these are generally as they’re a part of the system. Nevertheless, they’re important to pay attention to and consider for your next betting session to ensure you make the right call.

Here are some overlooked factors that are common for betting in most major sports:

Bleacher view of a baseball stadium.

The Travel Problem

While many assume that the best bettors nosedive into numbers and algorithms, it’s often the basic details that make the most impact. Something that most novice bettors hardly pay attention to, but is actually a major problem in some leagues like the NBA, is the amount of traveling the players do. Traveling is fatiguing for the players, and some teams often fly coast to coast regularly to compete.

A team that’s traveling too frequently in between games will likely lose out on precious rest that helps them maintain their peak performance. Many believe that it’s an important factor to pay attention to when making any major bets.

Player Injuries

While player injuries don’t rule out the odds the way they do in individual player sports than team sports, they still make a considerable difference, especially depending on who that player is. Teamwork indeed makes the dream work, but even star players rely on their teammates to make the right play and pass the ball to them.

It can get fairly complicated there can be many outcomes of a player injury, but it’s important to pay attention to the updated lineup and how the dynamic works.

Game Schedules

Sometimes, there are major upsets in a particular league simply because the team in question was preparing for the game ahead. A specific team may have fixtures against a weaker team and then a major rival and competitor the next week. In such cases, the team might not exert too much stress to stay in good shape or they’ve prepared for strategies against the stronger team instead of the one they’re up against.

Person holding a betting amount.

These can lead to inconsistent results at times.

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