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3 Common Sports Betting Myths Busted


Recently, we’ve seen more and more sports betting rumors begin to circle the internet as the online betting industry continues to grow gradually. Some of these are made to simply scare or confuse betting fans away from online gambling websites. Others are a product of ill-informed internet preachers whose fake explanations spread like wildfire.

Regardless of how they come into existence, there are a lot of myths about gambling and we’re going to debunk some of the most common ones here. So, read on!

1. Bookies and sportsbooks don’t like when an underdog win

If bookies and sportsbooks are successfully getting an equal number of bets on either side of the line (which they’re expected to do), they don’t have any reason to hate when an underdog wins. In fact, they get free publicity when an underdog wins. Whenever a big underdog wins, you’ll often hear news about someone making a lot of money. For example, when ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson was defeated by James ‘Buster’ Douglas (an upset), many punters made a lot of money.

2. Bookies and sportsbooks have inside information

Well, this isn’t true. Plus, if they did, why would they share it with you? Bookies and sportsbooks get information from news sources just like regular bettors do. Yes, they may get the information quicker than you because a couple using a smartphone for online bettingthey’re invested in it round the clock, but their information wouldn’t be any different from that of a bettor who has done their research.

3. You’re competing with your bookie or sportsbook

No, professional betting doesn’t work this way. Your bookie or sportsbook doesn’t want to bet against you – they’re just an intermediary looking to get an even number of bets on either side of a game. They make their money on the commission on losing bets or vig and use these losing bets to pay the winners.

That’s why you have to bet 11 to win 10, or 110 to win 100 on a straight bet. So, winners win 100, loses lose 100, and the house takes the extra 10 on every loss.

Thus, your bookie or sportsbook gets exactly the same number of bets on either side of a line as another. When they don’t have an even number of bets on one side, they try and get bettors to bet the other side by adjusting the line.

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