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2022 US PGA Championship Golf Betting Guide with Tips


The PGA Championship is an upcoming golf tournament that will be held in Southern Hills Country Club in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It’s an annual golf championship tournament which is arranged by the Professional Golfers Association (PGA) in the US.

This year’s PGA Championship 2022 was originally going to be hosted in New Jersey, but the decision was changed in January 2021. The PGA Championship’s winners are automatic, including the lineup for the PGA Tour, Japan Golf Tour, and European tour for the following five years.

Additionally, the winners are also exempted from having to play in the qualifying round for the same championship. The players included in PGA Championship are decided according to the Official World Golf Ranking. Sports bettors around the world are ready to bet on this championship.

Choosing the PGA Championship Bets

So if you’re confused about the PGA Championship Betting options you have available, it’s understandable because there is a huge selection that can get overwhelming. Prop bets are widely popular as this championship is unlike any other golfing tournament.

You can place an outright winner bet. This bet will mean you’re betting on who will lift the trophy. You can also bet on the first-round leader, the player who finishes top, and whether a player can make the cut or miss it. Plus, there are live betting options that have grown in popularity over the years.

A person playing golf

Important Tips for the PGA Championship Betting

Eyes on Recent Form

The recent form for any sports team or player is important for betting. Even if a player is playing extremely well before the championship, it won’t guarantee a win. But the recent form will help you analyze who is playing poorly and why you shouldn’t bet on them.

Shop for the Odds

When you want to make sure you’re only getting the best prices for your bets, you have to shop for lines. You can easily navigate Betting Sites Ranking for various betting sites that will suit your needs and the odds you’re looking for.

Monitor the News

It’s important and beneficial for all sports bettors to check the media outlets and social media platforms for any breaking news. If you monitor the storyline and pay close attention to the latest news, you will be able to learn who missed the cut and who has a great track record.

If a golfer has recently had some life changes, maybe they will be able to play worse or better. If there are changes in the coaches or any other important developments, it will help you make a better betting decision.

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